Jew-hatred, Muselprop & the Ongoing Islamic Conquest

The ABC’s gotta go. All of it:

ABC falsely claims Israeli ‘strike on a UN run school’

It is increasingly difficult to trust the ABC’s reporting on Gaza.

Wake up to this rising tide of anti-Semitism

Andrew Bolt

Around the world, Hamas has succeeded in producing the Jew-hatred I believe it in part intended with this war.

Same story now in Perth:

A visiting Hasidic Jewish leader has been the target of anti-Semitic abuse and threatened with physical violence outside the Morley Galleria.

In Northern Iraq, ISIS Seizes Three More Towns, Terrifies And Kills Yazidis, Here.

Qatar, a place for banned hate-preachers & British Royals…. These British Royals have never been to Israel, but they know how to cover up for the Mohammedans….


Meanwhile, back in the UK:

  • Hundreds of police officers to be drafted in for English Defence League demo in Batley–The Yorkshire EDL Batley Division has called a national demonstration in protest at what they say is the growing influence of Islam and English people “treated as second class citizens.” …
Barack Obama, Malik Obama, Hamas, Palestine, Jerusalem, IDO, Sudan, Omar…
Why is Abdul Nacer Benbrika a cult figure among some Muslims in Australia? Why doesn’t the vast majority of peaceful Muslims rise up and condemn this idolizing of a man who plotted to murder 80,000…
Meanwhile, back in Gaza: