Gaza conflict: Hamas rejects offers made in Cairo; warns Israel of 'long war' if demands not met

“Long war?”  The war against the infidels (and most of all the Jews) is the oldest war in the world. Muhammad said ‘I have been commanded to wage war until the people say there is no god Satan but allah and Muhammad is his prophet’. So any threats made by Hamas  really make no difference to the Islamic  doctrine of conquest by jihad.

Hamas has rejected offers made in Cairo to Palestinian negotiators seeking to end Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip and raised the possibility of renewed fighting when the current truce expires.

Israel said it had also not yet accepted any proposals made in the Egyptian-mediated talks but, like the Palestinians, its envoys would continue attending them on Sunday (local time). The ceasefire is due to conclude on Monday night.

So how bad is the Jew-hatred?

UK: Muslim Jew-hatred demonstrators attack police, trash supermarketUK: Muslim Jew-hatred demonstrators attack police, trash supermarket

They were trying to intimidate the store into stopping selling Israeli products. And given the fact that British authorities are so practiced at caving in to Islamic supremacist intimidation, they will probably ultimately succeed. “Tesco store trashed by Gaza protesters,” Telegraph, August 16, 2014 (thanks to Inexion): Police officers were attacked and stock was thrown […] /Comments/Continue Reading »

Scarmouche takes a look at what’s cookin’ in EUrabia:

Euro Media are Afraid to Say Who’s Responsible for the Recent Spike in Incidents of Jew-Hate, But Roy Liddle Isn’t

He writes:

Here’s the thing. I will bet every penny I have and more besides that virtually all of the anti-Semitic attacks in this country — and in France and Germany and Belgium — have been perpetrated by Muslims. And because they have been perpetrated by Muslims, that fact will simply not be reported, even when it is plainly obvious that the attackers were Muslim.

This is a peculiar state of affairs, to my mind. Imagine if it wasn’t Muslims or swans. Just pretend for a moment that of, say, 200 anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, a study discovered that 198 of them had been committed by Methodists. That the one thing which 99 per cent of violent UK anti-Semites had in common was membership of the Methodist church. Do you think that such a fact would not be mentioned in news reports of such incidents, or in comment pieces by juveniles warning us how horrible anti-Semitism really is? I think the journos would be falling over themselves to nail the Methodists, and to delve and investigate the roots of this sectarian hatred. I think this fact would be considered salient and significant, germane to the issue at hand. But not with Muslims. Instead, Owen [Jones of The Guardian] and the rest will first try to disguise the fact that it is Muslims making these attacks and then secondly, when it becomes patently obvious that it isMuslims, will try to insist that this fact is irrelevant and perhaps simply an unfortunate coincidence. And that anyway, because not all Muslims are anti-Semites, the fact is not worth reporting.