Hannity vs Andy Choudary: “are you deaf, dumb and ignorant?”

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UK Police Arrested Parents Trying to Stop Muslims from Raping their Children | FrontPage Magazine

by Daniel Greenfield

We’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the horrifying crimes committed by Muslim settlers against the children of the UK. …

From the Q-Society:

“I can’t vouch for the authorship of this remarkable online document, apparently produced by members of the public, but it discusses in impressive detail some of these issues – and documents a decade of cover-up and cowardice by the media, politicians and law enforcement. It shows that what has been happening on our streets is better understood by ordinary members of the public than by the people who run their cities.”

The remarkable online document is Gavin Boby’s report int… See More

Muslim Gang Rapists are Springing Up Everywhere. Why Can’t We Be Honest About It? The notorious Sydney gang rapes in 2000 were committed by Lebanese… BREITBART.COM

Think Mooch Obama will do a hashtag appeal for muslims to stop raping British children? (Vlad)
Michaell never tweet-1

PuffHo Fantasy Productions: Muslims Stand Against ISIS, Too

Notwithstanding their differences, Muslims of all stripes — Sunni, Shii, Ismaili, Ahmadi, LGBTQ — must unite to amplify their efforts to isolate groups like ISIS and not allow Islamophobia to dishearten them. …

More on the followers of the false prophet and their collective fear of fear of islam at HuffPost–Junaid Jahangir
Canada West Coordinator – Universalist Muslims (Mullah, pbuh)

Sean Hannity Explodes on Imam: ‘Every Radical Islamist Like You Will Be Wiped Off the Face of the Earth’

“Do you support ISIS demanding that Christians, the Yazidis, ‘convert to Islam or die?’ Do you support that?”

Fox News host Sean Hannity got into an explosive debate with Imam Anjem Choudary on Wednesday as the two clashed over the dangers of radical Islam around the world.

Hannity appeared to grow increasingly frustrated as Choudary repeatedly failed to answer simple questions about his Islamic beliefs.

“You have blamed the killing of this photojournalist on America,” Hannity began. “Do you support ISIS demanding that Christians, the Yazidis, ‘convert to Islam or die?’ Do you support that?”

Choudary ignored the question and instead claimed that America “carpet bombed Syria and killed hundreds of thousands” in the past. When Hannity pressed his guest to answer his original question, Choudary said, “every cause has an effect” and continued to talk about reprecussions of American military aggression.

Finally, Choudary claimed that Christians and other religious minorities were not really told to covert to Islam or die.

“It absolutely happened,” Hannity interjected. “Obviously, you need an education. Imam, let me educate you, because obviously you are pretty ignorant.”

He continued: “We have video of children who have been beheaded, like this photojournalist. Women and children with their heads placed on a stick after they’ve been beheaded, and we have one report after another of people who’ve been killed, chased out of their homes.”

Hannity circled back around to his original question, asking the imam if he supports an Islamic caliphate that demands people convert to Islam or die.

Again, Choudary deflected and claimed that the Yazidis went into mountains before the Islamic State started tearing through Iraq. He also argued that Christians are getting ready to return to Mosul, Iraq, because they have now realized that “life under Sharia is much better.”

“You’re not honest,” Hannity replied, later claiming that “every radical Islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth.”

“I’m afraid you are living in a dream world. The Sharia will be implemented in America,” Choudary said.

Hannity went on to press the imam on how women who didn’t want to cover up would be punished under Sharia law. Avoiding providing an answer to the actual question, he argued women are not “slabs of meat in Islam.”

“Are you deaf, dumb and ignorant?” Hannity said. “Answer it!”

Watch the tense segment via Fox News:

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  1. Wow Hannity kept it cool and was really reserved more than what I would be if I had to deal with that grade A fu***ing idiot Chowderbag.

    Ignorant arsehole ingrate.

  2. Toejam Chowderhead simply needs to be assassinated, today. He is the most despicable person on the Earth and a grave danger to Western Civilization. The Brits deserve him because they have allowed him to live free and subvert civilization every day of his life while collecting $50K a year in welfare, housing, etc. If I watch the video, I will be enraged until next week sometime. I would beat him to death with my bare hands.

  3. FOX should not give this disgusting Muslim maggot a forum for his pathology. Die, Choudary, die!

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