O.J. Simpson finds… Islam

You knew this was inevitable. Allah is most forgiving and merciful.

O.J. Simpson finds… Islam

The National ENQUIRER reports that Simpson, 67, became interested in the religion through fellow inmates and was even put in touch with former pro boxer Mike Tyson, who is devout Muslim.

(US) For years now the faithful tell me that Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world, however, that is by dint of birth rates. When we see how the population of each and every Islamic country around the world has virtually doubled in the past 30 years it isn’t hard to see that fact.
However, there is an actual growth industry of people turning to Islam, and that is inside prisons. For some strange reason, prisoners are flocking to the prison mosque in which to find… Allah. Peace or simply finding a faith which legalizes their blood lust and criminal ways.

Whatever the reason, it appears that another famous prison lag has found Islam… O.J. Simpson, imprisoned in Nevada since 2008 on charges of kidnapping and armed robbery.

Now remind me again what he was infamous for?

Video: Pali Children in Gaza Cheer for Rockets to Hit America

Bv-x7grIMAAgqXP.jpg-large(CNSNews) The terrorist group Hamas fired at least 117 rockets into Israel Sunday, CNN reported, as violence there escalated again. But major U.S. media have censored Palestinian’s anti-American reaction to this ongoing attack on an ally. In one Al Jazeera America video, children cheered on the rockets, wishing they would land in the United States.

This is just a tiny example of the impact and consequences of Islamic immigration to western countries:

Who needs a job when you got allah and UNRWA already?
 BDS Victory Over SodaStream Equals 900 Palestinians Out of Work

Unfortunately for […] 900 Palestinian SodaStream employees, it seems the BDS supporters are more concerned with boycotting Israeli businesses who ‘occupy’ Palestinian settlements than helping the actual Palestinian people themselves.

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