Headchopping Hip-Hop Artist Left Everything "For the Sake of Allah…"

Today’s sequel in the ‘nothing-to-do-with-Islam’ charade:

Beheader “identified”. Save the usual excuses

Andrew Bolt

Can we drop the usual excuse about being ”marginalised” by Western society?

THE British security services MI5 and MI6 have reportedly identified a Britishhip-hop artist as the key suspect in the hunt for the killer who beheaded American journalist James Foley…

Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary … is the son of an Egyptian-born militant who is awaiting trial on terror charges in New York tied to the deadly 1998 bombings of embassies in Kenya and Tanzania…

Bary — who recently tweeted a photo of himself holding up a severed head — …  was an aspiring rapper known as “L Jinny,” whose music was played on BBC Radio 1.

Bary also appeared in music videos posted on YouTube for songs titled Overdose, Flying High and Dreamer.

But he … walked out of his family’s plush West London home last year, saying he was “leaving everything for the sake of Allah.”