Mark Steyn: slowly, remorselessly, we are becoming them.

Mark Steyn: the Islamization of the west will continue.

Not every Muslim wants to chop your head off. Not every Muslim wants to “groom” your 11-year-old daughter. But these pathologies nest within Islam, and thrive at the intersection of Islam and the west. As long as Islam is your biggest source of population growth – to the point where Mohammed is now the most popular boy’s name in Oslo – you’re not “tackling” the issue, and certainly not “head on”.

In a bizarre column even for the post-Conrad National Post, Afsun Qureshi suggests the best thing you could do to lessen the likelihood of being set upon by Muslims is to learn to recite the shahadah, “a testimony to the identity of Allah as the one true God, and Muhammad as his prophet”. She might be right. Wearing a burqa might help, too. Or the shalwar kameez….

So now, in the new multiculti Britain, the child sex trade is back, as part of the rich, vibrant tapestry of diversity – along with Jew-hate, and honor killings, and decapitation porn. The solutions to the internal contradictions of multiculturalism are (a) David Cameron’s expanded security state; (b) Afsun Qureshi’s universal prostration before Islam; or (c) an end to mass Muslim immigration. The last is too obvious for any viable western politician ever to propose it.

IMG_20140829_234032-2 …as in Rotherham, the ISIS lads are “brazen” about it – they’re in your face about offing your head. And it’s worked for them: The more they post decapitated victims on Twitter and Facebook, the more followers they get in the “civilized” world. In an ill advised choice of words, the Prime Minister David Cameron said, “We need to tackle the ideology of Islamist extremism head on” - because trying to do it with your head off doesn’t seem to be working out for those poor fellows in Mosul.

Your daughter or sister is being raped by a Muslim Rape Gang and about to be sold into sexual slavery and you wanna protect or, worse, save her?

STOP THE RACISM! Be ready to get arrested and go to jail.

A man pulled the hair of a 13-year old and called her a “white bitch”– We’re still only seeing the tip of the iceberg in the horrifying crimes committed by Muslim settlers against the children of the UK.

The Guardian‘s response: 

The scale of the sexual exploitation revealed in the Jay inquiry is shocking, but let’s avoid racial stereotyping. 

They haven’t learned a thing. (Tim Blair’s full blog post below the fold)

ISIS uses social media and targeted outreach in multiple languages to encourage Westerners to join its ranks.

“This time it is being spread by fighters abroad via social media rather than by preachers based in the U.K.,”– 

“If we look at the backgrounds of the British Muslims who have been involved in violent extremism, what’s striking is the variety: graduates as well as the poorly educated; women as well as men; the privileged as well as the marginalized; converts as well as born Muslims; British born as well as immigrants,” Bowen said.

“The only thing that those so far convicted of terrorist offenses in the U.K. have in common is a shared ideology and a willingness to act on it.”


Tim Blair

The left doesn’t want to know about female genital mutilation. The left doesn’t want to know about books praising Hitler and shaming women. And the left doesn’t want to know about the systematic sexual torture of 1400 children in an English town:

One thousand four hundred. Consider the weight of that number, feel its tragic heft. Picture 50 junior-school classes of little girls in Rotherham, once a respectable northern town, now a byword for depravity. We have seen child-grooming cases before, but the disgusting stories revealed in the report by Professor Alexis Jay amount to evidence of abuse on an industrial scale.

Men of Pakistani heritage treated white girls like toilet paper. They picked children up from schools and care homes and trafficked them across northern cities for other men to join in the fun. They doused a 15-year-old in petrol and threatened to set her alight should she dare to report them. They menaced entire families and made young girls watch as they raped other children.

There were one or two inquiries during all of this, and a handful of convictions, but the attacks continued. That’s because these predators were protected by a politically-correct wall of silence:

Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham from 1994 to 2012, actually admitted to the BBC’s World At One that “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat, if I may put it like that. Perhaps, yes, as a true Guardian reader and liberal Leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.”

MacShane recently spent several months in prison following an unrelated fraud conviction. He should be sent back there. Forever. Here’s a shocking line from Professor Alexis Jay’s report:

Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.

Nobody likes being thought of as racist, but imagine the level of cowardice required to place that concern above the rape of young children. Thankfully, this cowardice is not universal. I was on the phone yesterday with a friend who has two young daughters. During a wide-ranging chat, I mentioned the Rotherham atrocity. He didn’t know of it, so I sent a few links. Suddenly he fell silent. I thought the line had dropped out, but he was speechless with horror. When he finally did speak, it was with an utterly intense fury. So long as their dad is around, two Sydney girls are very safe indeed. Further from James Delingpole:

Q: When is the sexual abuse of children culturally, socially and politically acceptable?

A: When it’s committed with industrial efficiency by organised gangs of mainly Pakistani men in English Northern towns like Burnley, Oldham and Rotherham, of course.

But obviously you’re not allowed to admit this or you might sound racist. That’s why, for example, in today’s BBC report into the fact that at least 1400 children were subjected to “appalling” sexual abuse in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, you have to wade 20 paragraphs in before finally you discover the ethnic identity of the perpetrators.

And even then, the embarrassing fact slips out only with the most blushing mealy-mouthedness …

Only a tiny number of council officials have resigned, been fired, charged or even disciplined over this obscene mass crime:

Rotherham council chief executive Martin Kimber offered a “sincere apology” but said he did not have evidence to discipline any individuals working for the council.

No evidence? Really? Apart from, you know, 1400 destroyed lives? These people are sick, as is the entire left-driven culture of selective outrage.

UPDATE. The Guardian‘s response:

The scale of the sexual exploitation revealed in the Jay inquiry is shocking, but let’s avoid racial stereotyping.

They haven’t learned a thing.

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  1. UPDATE. The Guardian‘s response:

    The scale of the sexual exploitation revealed in the Jay inquiry is shocking, but let’s avoid racial stereotyping.”

    racial stereotyping
    This means that islam is being called a “race” as a Political Correct (PC) TOOL and is a deceitful means of villifying you (as a non-Muhammadan) to shut up
    – and supposedly protecting Vile Malevolent (All) Muhammadan Criminals and their “Dhimmis”(non-Muhammadan Slaves).

    What is islam
    – islam is a Vile Malevolent Political ideology that practices Deceit and Thuggery.

    Vile Malevolent Muhammadan Criminals – Commonly described by “Authorities” as ….
    They were/are Asian ‘perpetrators’ ” – this “Authorities” thinks denies identifying the usual islamic ‘perpetrators’.

    Asian ‘perpetrators’ – This is a very incorrect (on purpose) description …
    They were/are/(could be) the small group of Vile Malevolent Muhammadan ‘perpetrators’ from some/one of the ethnic groups called Asian.”
    – They were Vile Malevolent Muhammadan who are from many different ethnic and racial backgrounds.
    – Vile Malevolent Muhammadan should always be grouped separately from The Civilise Man (Human Beings).

    Vile Malevolent (All) Muhammadans are not to be categorised as Asian
    – this is a great disservice to the non-Muhammadan Ethnic groups that together comprise The Larger Asian Peoples.
    – who are NOT Muhammadans and who have a “TRUTH” grasp of reality.
    Muhammadans can/will only ever be a small and smaller subset from any of the ethnic groups in Asia.

    Sterilise Muhammadans(male/female/child/dhimmi) – and islam dies – with its race to Muhammadanise the World.

  2. small step from “its not wrong/sin to have sex outside marriage” & “young people will do it anyway , as long as they practice Safe sex” to this. Small step down into the pit.

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