Mummyblogger demands: don't look at that shocking image, lets “celebrate the Australian Muslim community”



Tim Blair

Labor’s Andrew Leigh considers today’s junior jihadi head-holding image, and decides to “celebrate the Australian Muslim community”:

“We need to celebrate the Australian Muslim community to recognise that there are many peoples of different faiths in the world and extremism comes in all sorts of guises. The Oklahoma bombing was carried out by a Christian.”

Is there no way to make stupidity hurt, physically?

Liberal sellouts are even worse:

Check the company Craig Laundy keeps. He’s a Liberal?

Andrew Bolt

Craig Laundy was one of the Liberal MPs loudest in opposing the restoration of our free speech, helping to defeat the reform of the Racial Discrimination Act.

No wonder: 10 per cent of the voters in his seat are Muslim, and Muslim leaders demanded we keep our gag.

But maybe Laundy will argue that, no, he was against free speech out of principle, not cheap self interest.

In that case I invite other Liberals to check out the ideological company Laundy now keeps and to ask him precisely which Liberal values he represents:


Here is an example of Peter Slezak’s politics – and the anti-Israel bias of this advocate for sanctions against Israel.

Here is an example of Jake Lynch’s politics – and the anti-Israel bias of this agitator for sanctions against Israel.

Here is an example of the politics of Antony Loewenstein – and his anti-Israel activism.

Here is an example of Aftab Malik’s politics – and his anti-Israel polemics.

Here is an example of Peter Manning’s politics – and his astonishing anti-American bias:

I FOUND September 11 so shocking. But equally shocking was how quickly it became an iconic event … But as I thought more deeply in the following weeks, I had some sympathy for boxer Anthony Mundine’s brutal response: “They brought the attacks on themselves.”

Exactly where are “Liberals” like Craig Laundy taking the Liberal party?

12 thoughts on “Mummyblogger demands: don't look at that shocking image, lets “celebrate the Australian Muslim community””

  1. the Oklahoma City bombing was carried out by atheist anti-war Saddam-sympathizing Timothy McVeigh, along with his sex-fiend pal Terry Nichols, and an assist from Iraqi Intelligence Security officer Hussain Al-Hussaini.

    Read the Jayna Davis book! The Third Terrorist.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher
    Libertarian Republican
    Houston, Texas USA

  2. @Eric Dondero,

    You are correct. Timothy McVeigh was a well known atheist, but the MSM and the politically elite could not accept that fact and thus want out of their way to perpetuate the lie that he was a Rightwing Christian nut, because everyone knows only such violence comes out of the right. Unless your someone like Bill Ayers et al, of course.

  3. Even if Timothy McVeigh was, for arguments sake, a right wing Christian these imbeciles are missing one glaring point. He didn’t do what he did in the name of his God and to further the cause of Christianity.

  4. “We need to celebrate the Australian Muslim community ”


    Why only Australian Muslim?

    What about celebrating other religious communities?

    What about celebrating racial (non religious) communities?

  5. Dondero …

    What does McVeigh have to do with any of this, atheist or Christian? He did the bombing in the name of neither. Oh, yeah, you’re selling books.

    7/25-8/1, Muslims killed 4.21 people per hour or 707 people. Therefore, at that rate, Muslims kill as many as McVeigh every 40 hours.

  6. No, let’s not look at the shocking image. Let’s bend over, stick our heads in the sand and get sodomized my Muslims and liberals.

  7. Liberal idiots always bring up McVeigh or the Klan. Muslims kill more people every week or two than have been killed by all other right wing types in America for at least five or six decades. Based on long term averages of 2 people killed per hour, 24/7/365, Muslim kill as many people every 2.4 months as the Klan killed in its entire history. Based on the 7/25 – 8/1 rate of 4.21 people per hour, they kill as many people every 34 days. Get the picture here, EVERY 34 days, EVERY hour, EVERY day, EVERY month, EVERY Ramadan. Muslims are a slaughter machine that never stops, NEVER.

  8. @Pray Hard,

    “Muslims are a slaughter machine that never stops, NEVER.”

    -Sadly, your statement is so true.

    “Liberal idiots always bring up McVeigh or the Klan.”

    Yes, the Left and the Muslims that come on here and other sites, cite these two names because they state/imply they act out of Christianity ideology.

    Which is, as you know incorrect. McVeigh never once articulated a Christian ideology at any point and was an avowed Atheist. And the Klan was formed out of a post-Civil War malcontent, as a political group-made up of wealthy white Southern males. Again Christianity was never apart of their original ideology, only during the mid 20th century when wealthy southerners left the Klan, read: Al Gore’s Granddaddy and Father, Senator Bird and others. Whilst poorer southerners began to take their place and add a new Christian element to the group that was not there before. Which perfectly and completely fits in with the MSM and the political elite’s meme for conservatives and Christians, that both groups are only one moment away from turning into McVeigh.

    Islam, because, it is neither the Left’s hated Christian or conservative, and it is part of the minority, exotic “Other”, gets a free pass, (tucked up in there somewhere is a form of subtle racism by the Left.) excuses and apologies will be made for their vile, wicked acts of Barbarism and shocking cruelty, as it’s “just a few extremists.” or “a minority few who have distorted Islam.” Eye roll.

    Look, only recently, the world’s MSM finally said, the “C” word. That Christians are under attack in the ME. Whilst the UK’s Barnabas Fund has been documenting and stating the attacks against Christians around the world for years. As well as stating who their biggest aggressor are/were.

    Ultimately, you are correct, Muslims have killed and will killed in large numbers and the world is silent or worse, foolishly rally behind them, like the fake Palestinians. Fools.

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