Muslims benefit the most from hate speech laws…


Tim Blair

Tony Abbott and his government have gravely underestimated the commitment of Australians to free speech:

Free Market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs raised $10,000 an hour for three hours after emailing supporters asking for cash to fund an attack ad on Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

IPA Director John Roskam on Wednesday warned the government not to “underestimate the white-hot anger” of Liberals dismayed by the Prime Minister’s decision to back down from repealing section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Now it appears that anger has been converted into cash with the appeal topping $45,000 as of this morning, according to Mr Roskam.

This is similar to the conservative uprising that followed Malcolm Turnbull’s embrace of an emissions trading scheme. He shortly became an ex-leader. There’s a lesson in that.


Academic argues racial vilification laws put radical Islamists above criticism

Professor says Australia’s ability to defend against terrorism is weakened by section 18C of the Discrimination Act

Radical Islamists Muslims benefit the most from hate speech laws, such as 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, and Australia’s ability to defend itself against terrorists is weakened because of them, an academic has argued at the Free Speech 2014 symposium.

Professor Augusto Zimmermann, of Murdoch University, released a paper at the symposium arguing the government’s decision to back away from changes to the laws made it harder to criticise radicalised Muslims.

Free Speech 2014: Dreyfus calls Brandis ‘walking disaster’ as attorney general – the day’s events

Today’s Free Speech 2014 symposium, put together by freedom commissioner Tim Wilson, will discuss racial discrimination, online harassment, and asylum seekers

Peanut Khadr: The Only Way to Fix Gaza is by Giving Hamas Everything It Wants

Carter skips over that by claiming that peace will only come from a PLO-Hamas agreement (what’s more likely to bring peace than a unity agreement between two terror groups?) and urges a lifting of the blockade and replacing Egyptian and Israeli border monitoring with the UN.

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  1. The only way to truly placate islam’s Muhammadans is to truly completely eradicate it and them – and it must be permanently.

    Do you not believe – read the qur’an (in chronological order) – it is all in there!

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