No Lesbian Mustards to see here, move on….!

Here she struts her stuff again, with Huma Abedin from the Muslim Brotherhood, who is said to hold ‘Svengali’ like powers over her:

Hillary Clinton Connects w/Ordinary Working People in the Hamptons | FrontPage Magazine (Daniel Greenfield)

Color coordinated. Anyone wondering why?

Hillary’s Hard Choices has bombed in most bookstores so she’s been taking it to a different audience. Ordinary working Americans. Just kidding. She brought Hard Choices to Martha’s Vineyard and now the Hamptons.

“Bookhampton honored to welcome Hillary Rodham Clinton. Aug. 16, 2014,” read the writing on royal-blue shirts the store’s employees wore.

The higher-profile names included home-decorating maven Martha Stewart, former Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean and American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten, all of whom chatted with Clinton in a private area in the store before the official signing began. “Martha! Martha!” the photographers who had been allowed inside the store called out, hoping for her to look up as she chatted with Clinton. Others, like former Office of Management and Budget head Peter Orszag and his wife, Yahoo News anchor Bianna Golodryga, and former New York City mayoral hopefuls Mark Green and Herman Badillo, waited in line.

“It’s a celebrity drop-by!” Clinton exclaimed to Orszag and Golodryga as they approached the table.

The ruling class. Enjoying some time at the beach while the rest of their Weimar Republic burns. And oddly enough, Martha Stewart is the only one in the bunch to have served time in jail. Talk about unfair.

The Clintons are renting a reportedly $18 million home in Amagansett, a town near East Hampton, where they have often stayed in the past.

Well they are flat broke. It’s not like they can afford to rent a $50 million home.

“It’s a celebrity drop-by!” Clinton exclaimed.

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  1. Clintmans broke? You kidding what happened to all that money slick Willy made from giving the muslims the Balkans?

    He made 10’s millions out of that escapade. Probably spent it all on whores no doubt if that’s the case.

  2. Hillary’s ass is wide as a house. Shallow I know but man that is some caboose she is carrying.

  3. “Huma Abedin from the Muslim Brotherhood, who is said to hold ‘Svengali’ like powers over her” … I think it’s also called “The power of the triangle”

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