No money from the West should go to Gaza

by Hugh Fitzgerald

Not A Single Infidel Dollar Should Be Given To Gaza 

There are apparently insane Israelis who are all for an international aid effort — the figure of 50 billion dollars has been mentioned by some Israelis. This is a sign of insanity. Hamas must not be allowed to allow the world to believe that all along it was fighting “to end the siege” or, still worse, “end the occupation.” There is no “siege” and never was of Gaza, but all through the years, while more than 10,000 rockets rained down on Israel from Gaza, Israel continued to supply half of Gaza’s electricity, water, food, and medicines. Have you forgotten those daily truck convoys? And even now, it is Israel that has set up a hospital near the border to treat Gazans, while that same field hospital has been fired on by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

No money from the West should go to Gaza. If Qatar, with its unearned trillions, wants to give money, let it do so. But no American, French, British, Italian, or other taxpayer, ought to be paying for the Gazan Arabs, with the exception of the volunteers for ISIS, possibly the  subset of Arabs and Muslimse made maddest by Islam. They already enjoy a standard of living twice that of other Arabs without oil and gas revenues — twice that of the Egyptians and Yemenis, for example. And because to coddle them is to harm Israel, a great many people appear to have an interest in keeping international aid agencies focussed always, no matter how many other much more legitimate and much larger refugee crises there are in the world, and even in the immediate Middle East, on the Gazan Arabs, who of course are to be known as “Palestinians.”

No money. Call the members of Congress. Make a fuss.

In other news:

Slow Jihad (Fatah) And Fast Jihad (Hamas) Now Working Hand In Glove

Khaled Abu Toameh, at the Gatestone Institute, here.



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