"Not all Muslims are headchoppers…."

“Not all Muslims….” (beheaded James Foley) “the enemy is terrorism” and other stupidity by clueless politprops who submissively  pay the jiziya in the vain hope to keep us safe from Islam:

Counter terrorism measures  Muslims to receive $64m in funding: Tony Abbott

In the hope not to blow us up, crucify us or behead us:

Speaking at the Peter MacCallum cancer centre in Melbourne, the Prime Minister said terrorism was “a problem for us” and the “medieval barbarism” being carried out in Iraq could not be ignored by Australians. …More medieval barbarism (savagery?) at news.com.au

There is no end to this cocksuckery:

In the unlikely event that you were going to blame all British Muslims for the beheading of James Foley in front of the whole world, you really shouldn’t. …  More narrative rejection at The Daily Caller thanks to Jim Treacher and Mullah/pbuh


“Crazy Criminals”

Metro Detroit Muslim leaders denounce ISIS as ‘crazy criminals’

Niraj Warikoo , Gannett Michigan

 ISIS members are “crazy criminals who are abusing our religion,” said Imam Mohammed Elahi of the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights. “You’re a bunch of gangsters … you’re not Islamic.” … More abuse of the evil, blasphemous religion at Lansing State Journal (Niraj Warikoo is a dogs breakfast who attacked Spencer/Geller in the most vicious ways….)

bild43Reaffirming promises and duties of a mental disorder called multiculturalism

When something doesn’t work, we gotta have more of it to make it work, or something:

What we now see in small pockets of second and third-generation Australian Muslim men is a radicalisation and an aggressive denial of Australian culture. … More reality diluted in multicultural fantasy at The Australian

Islamic preacher Mohammed Junaid Thorne to conduct ‘spiritual cleansing’ sesssions with followers

Islamic preacher Mohammed Junaid Thorne will conduct “spiritual cleansing” sessions with radical followers devout Muslims in Sydney this week. …  More firebrand preaching of false gospel (with attendant anathema) at The Courier-Mail

Muselmanic headchoppers must be protected from aggressive Islamophobes:

….the actions of Islamic State terrorists – including beheadings and crucifixions – should not be used as an excuse for “to justify attacking Muslim people or places of worship”, as some anti-Semitic attacks have been blamed on Israel’s actions in Gaza. …   More no excuse for resisting islam at London24, along with more threats to shut the stable door…. (Mullah)

Tony Abbott warned against dealing with certain Islamic groups

No politician should be allowed to deal with Islamic groups.

He then went on to warn the Prime Minister against dealing with individuals such as the Sydney Muslim community leader Keysar Trad and groups like the Islamic Council of Victoria, parts of which have advocated for some aspects of sharia law in Australia. …  More common sense from Senator Bernardi at Sydney Morning Herald, August 26, 2014/Latika Bourke, thanks to Mullah, pbuh

The Islamic Terror Orchestra

BqHnwsECMAAopjM-665x385By caring about the feelings of Muslims more than American citizens’ right to the truth, and without naming Islam by name, the US government and media will usher America into a dark phase marking the beginning of tyranny and the end of liberty. FrontPage Magazine, by Nonie Darwish

Hollywood Condemns Muhammad

One thought on “"Not all Muslims are headchoppers…."”

  1. “Not all Muhammadans are headchoppers…” – Yes – they are
    Yes All Muhammadans(male/female/child/dhimmi) are headchoppers….

    A Jim Treacher quote ….
    In the unlikely event that you were going to blame all British Muslims for the beheading of James Foley in front of the whole world, you really shouldn’t. …

    Well – Jim Treacher – here comes your (very likely) unlikely event ….
    All Muhammadans(male/female/child/dhimmi) EVERYWHERE (not just in Britain) YOU are all responsible for the “beheading” of James Foley – and every other atrocity committed by any Muhammadans(male/female/child/dhimmi) ANYWHERE – You Muhammadans(male/female/child/dhimmi) are (mindless and defeated) BORG.

    Another Jim Treacher quote ….
    Well, that’s pretty racist, isn’t it?
    Again and again and again – islam is NOT a “race” – Jim Treacher .

    Hey and also – Jim Treacher – your “Allah” is NOT God!

    C’mom truthfully – You didn’t actually “Revert” did you Gym Trainer – Oh (Hee Hee Hee).
    A Self Inflicted Brain/Mind/Soul Virus
    – Try claiming compensation for that one from the U.S. State Department.

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