"Perverted, oppressive ideology which bears no relation to Islam…"

Yes, there are people who are that stupid:

Australia stuck on stoopid too:

Don’t attack Islamic leaders: ASIO boss

A real sweetheart (but totally incompetent for the job)

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation boss David Irvine will on Wednesday hit back at suggestions that Muslim leaders are not doing enough to counter extremism in their communities, saying they should be thanked rather than criticised

…the Abbott government announced it was spending $64 million to stop radicalisation of Australians at home. The money will come from the $630 million counterterrorism boost the government has already announced.

Much of this money will go to “community groups” (Muslims) in the hope they will police themselves and not blow us up. These groups will see this money as the jiziya which is due to them, and will demand more and more as they increase their strength.

On this point our politicians fail. You have to identify the enemy.

The enemy is ISLAM, not terrorism

Stepping up his case, Prime Minister Abbott told parliament: “I want to make it absolutely crystal clear that the enemy here is terrorism, it’s not any particular faith; it’s not any particular community.

Hopeless. Cowardly and deceptive. But still, the opposition is worse:

A CENTRAL plank of Tony ­Abbott’s push to toughen counter-terrorism laws — aimed at guarding against the heightened threat from Australians being radicalised in foreign wars and returning to engage in homegrown attacks….

A COURT has given the green light for the first fake asylum seeker to be forcibly removed from Australia to Afghanistan.

The 29-year-old Hazara man is due to board a plane from Sydney tonight.

However, question marks still hang over what will happen to him when he arrives in Kabul as the Afghan government has repeatedly said it will not accept people forcibly removed from Australia. …See More

Sweden’s collapse:
Sweden imports at least a hundred thousand Muslims each year, in a case of mass suicide to do away with themselves….
Links from the Q-Society and Jihad Watch

One thought on “"Perverted, oppressive ideology which bears no relation to Islam…"”

  1. “’64 Million to fight radicalisation at home ” . It beggars belief . Our leaders import Islam , provide welfare and multi culti funded agencies for these new Communities . On top of that , add public housing and a few more billion of sundry expenses along the way . And the final insult? Please stump up another 50 million so that those so welcomed don’t then embrace jihad .
    We are nowhere until Islam is named as a perpetual ideology of War . Every effort must be made now to monitor the mosques , the funding , the halal racket . The burqa must be outlawed and the right of apostasy must be enshrined in Australian law . There and that will give police forces across the Country some serious work rather than revenue raising .

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