‘Not Even Genghis Khan did this’

Islamic State jihadists remove crosses from churches, burn manuscripts: Jihad Watch

There are 100,000 displaced Christians who have fled with nothing but their clothes, some of them on…

 “The image of Islam”

It’s the original image of Islam as it was taught and practiced by the prophet of Islam in the 7th century and after him by his companions, the Caliphs and the early Muslims.  That’s the pure islam as prescribed in the Quran and the Hadith literally…It is the same thing during the so called “the golden era of islam” in the middle age.

Islamic State fighters are feared to have killed, kidnapped and tortured Iraq’s…WASHINGTONPOST.COM
Pamela Geller’s succinct comment on this sums it up: “This is all just cosmetic. Obama lost Iraq. Now he is just trying to save face.”
Here’s a guy who gets it:
Assuming that there are sufficient numbers of free people left in 100 years to continue the fight, the struggle will go on far longer than that. It will continue as long as there are people who believe that their god commands them to wage war against and subjugate those who believe differently. (Jihad Watch)
“Proud of Stoning”
And really, who wouldn’t be? “Iran: We are proud of ‘stoning’, regime’s human rights chief declares,”–Continue Reading »

5 thoughts on “‘Not Even Genghis Khan did this’”

  1. As a woman, I say give me five minutes with the bitch in the burqa with the gun.

    Five minutes, that is all I am asking.

    Evil, wicked slave traders, the damnation of hell for all eternity will be your playpen in the afterlife.

  2. The world is exploding. We are in WWIII. Our “leaders” are doing nothing. May they all contract Ebola.

  3. How Genghis Khan created his empire is another story. After the creation, it was said that a virgin carrying a bag of gold could cross the empire unmolested. So please don’t use Genghis Khan as an example.

  4. @Mohammed Wazir Ahkspaidar

    Unfortunately, even in the West, I have even run into this mentally deranged Muslim woman who perpetuate their own misogyny and servitude.

    Too many Muslim woman are willing collaborators in the shared experience of hate and violence towards nonmuslims.

    They can not and should not be trusted.

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