Something smells. In fact, it stinks to high heaven

And what happened to the trillion dollars invested by us and the United States in ‘upholding the territorial integrity of Iraq’ and ‘training and equipping’ the Iraqi army?

The answer seems to be that we unwittingly armed and funded the army of the Islamic State.

Is UK’s Labour party waking up? Will the “all cultures are equal” fog be slowly lifting from the minds of England’s leading multicult enforcers?


This is a battle for civilisation… the UK cannot remain neutral

Paul Hennessy00006.jpgLast week, the Christians of Qaraqosh, the heart of Christian civilisation in the Nineveh region for almost 2,000 years, were given a choice; convert to Islam, leave or be executed.

The same thing happened to the Christians of Mosul. They had been living there for 1,700 years and still speak a form of Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus.

They tell a story of an ancient Christian community linked by blood, language and tradition to the earliest Church. They have lived through Babylonian and Persian Empires, the birth of Islam, the Crusades, through the conquests of Genghis Khan and the spite of Saddam Hussein.

They cannot, however, live in the newly established caliphate.

As they left Mosul by foot, on their refugee march towards Kurdistan, they were robbed of all they carried, dispossessed of the remnants of their inheritance lasting nearly two millennia. Their bibles were burnt and their churches destroyed.

They joined a growing train of refugees, the final exit of the most ancient Christian congregations from their ancestral lands,

There was no one to protect them, no one to answer their cry of despair. They were abandoned to their fate. Read more @ Daily Mail


The return of the primitive.Reuters romanticised coverage of beheaders and torturers.

Untitled-7.jpgSavagery: A man is crucified in northern Syria by Islamic State militants

Pat Condell:

A word to left-wing students:Sanctimonious privileged middle class bigots.

The 20 Oddest Things People Actually Claim to Believe about the Hamas/Israel Conflict by by Jeff Ballabon

If you can’t trust genocidal terrorists, who can you trust?

Want Peace? Send Hamas more concrete now.

It is a “cycle of violence”… which will end if the Palestinians get more power.

Andrew Bolt gets it:

1. Israel started it:

2. War Crime — Israel should have provided Iron Dome to Hamas:

3. Israeli conspiracy: Hamas is innocent:

4. It is all an Israeli marketing campaign for Iron Dome:

5. Hamas: Democratically elected terrorists with hearts of gold:

6. Hamas does not want to eradicate Israel; it is just frustrated by the occupation… that ended in 2005:

7. Want peace? Send Hamas more concrete now:

8. War Crime: Israel has bomb shelters & Gaza doesn’t:

9. It is a “cycle of violence”… which will end if the Palestinians get more power:

10. No human shields, here… it is just that Gaza is small:

11. Apartheid!

12. Genocide!

13. Hamas: fighting for freedom:

14. PLO + Hamas “Unity Government” = bold step for peace:

15. Just critics of Israeli policies; no anti-Semitism here:

16. Israel – Not a partisan issue:

17. They must be good guys; Human Rights is in their name:

18. But UNWRA says:

19. If you can’t trust genocidal terrorists, who can you trust?

20. It’s the Occupation, stupid: