Sunday Roundup

 Strong pro-Israel showing in Melbourne:

Some Friends of Q are in Melbourne for the pro-Israel rally. There’s a nice crowd of nearly a thousand. Pretty good for something with no notice.


Please do a good deed, mitzva, in his memory and honour:

With great shock, sadness and pain we inform you of the passing of Reb Yosef Raksin HYD, he was shot and killed while walking to Shul Shabbos morning in North Miami Beach, Florida. He was 60 years old.–CROWNHEIGHTS.INFO

They are all “Palestinians” now, for the cause:

Excerpt: “Zouleikha Ban said she was born in Algeria, but protesters feel they are all Palestinians because, she said, “there is no justice” in Gaza.”

No dear, you are all Palestinians because you all have the same religious hatred to Jews , you all share the same genocidal aspiration as prescribed to you in the Quran and the Hadith…. you are all united in this hate festivities to show simply how much you hate Jews and you how much you wish their elimination as your prophet…  See More

Protesters march to United Nations headquarters, chant ‘Free, free Palestine! Occupation is a crime!’


Thousands of Hungarians rally in solidarity with Israel

Israeli Ambassador to Hungary Ilan Mor addresses protest, says Israel is at war against terror, not Islam or the Palestinian people.(I wouldn’t put it that way, but its nice to see anyone at all stand with Israel in Hungary, which has such a bad rap for its anti-Semitism)

When even he says it….

Piers Akerman: LABOR, GREENS prove to be slaves to terrorists.

Greens and what passes for leadership in Australia’s Muslim community are united in opposition to a new suite of anti-terrorism laws proposed by the federal government to deal with the threat posed by jihadists returning from foreign conflicts.

The Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed has called on “all fair-minded Australians” to support a Muslim-driven campaign against the draft laws.

The ubiquitous Keysar Trad from the Sydney-based Lebanese Muslim Association has called the federal government’s plans to beef up terror laws “deplorable” and “divisive”.

The Greens and Labor, which are both also trying to curry favour with the Muslim community and woo their inner-urban constituents, have expressed their opposition to the suggested changes. The Greens could never be relied upon to put matters of national security foremost.

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