The Terror Comes From the Mosque

Some may still believe that waging jihad on the world is some kind of crazy idea in the heads of a ‘tiny minority of excremists’- that is nonsense. Jihad in the way of allah is the fundamental doctrine of Islam; in fact it is a holy duty for every Koranimal and the only method to make it through the pearly gates of Muhammad’s bordello:

“Kill All the Enemies of Islam”

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The following video contains excerpts from a documentary that first aired in 2006 on state TV in Canada, but is still relevant today. In it an Algerian-French journalist investigates the radical Assunah Mosque in Montreal, which advocates openly for violent jihad.

Many thanks to Point de Bascule for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. In the English-language clip at the end of the video, you can hear the odious Justin Trudeau (probably, as the Muslim who introduces him says, the next prime minister of Canada) gushing about mosques in Quebec that he has visited, including the Assunah Mosque and “Wahhabi mosques”:

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Ezra Levant continues to bust Trudeau and the media apologists for the Montreal Mosque whitewashing.

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This is good and its also good that we have at least one media outlet in Canada which is actually willing to do journalism as opposed to, as Ezra calls it, stenography. I have posted the relevant segment of the 2006 Radio-Canada video earlier which should have been evidence enough for anyone. Yet The National Post’s Jonathan Kay seems to be taking the usual post-modern position however, on mosques and islam. As you read it, ask yourself if that kind of reasoning could also be applied to a KKK center, a Nazi indoctrination center, or a building who’s sole purpose is to create the correct mindset to attempt to destroy Canada as a liberal democracy and if the answer is yes, you might suspect Mr. Kay of post modern thought.

There are about 5 or 6 videos on this page that seem to deal with exactly this issue. I plan to watch them all.

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