"The United States Will Never Be At War With Islam", right Barry?

White House: U.S. is not at war with the Islamic StateWhite House: U.S. Obama is not at war with the Islamic State

“Right now, ISIL’s primary focus is consolidating territory in the Middle East region to establish their own Islamic State.” Yes, but they have made it abundantly clear that that is not their only goal, and that they desire ultimately to strike inside the United States. We are not at war with them, but they most assuredly are at war with us [/Comments] Continue Reading »

Good Question:

They weren’t supposed to have an effect:

Free contraception, free buttplugs and….?

They are not tourists, and their hearts beat for something else:

Sri Lanka violates refugee law by deporting Pakistanis – UNHCR

To the haters, Israel has only one right: the right to be destroyed

….the anti-Israel crowd has latched onto a new meme: that Israel, under international law, has no right to defend itself.