ABC: Clearing House For Islam

By the time the ABC’s James Carleton has finished discussing Khaled Sharrouf you’d think Islam had nothing at all to do what the man himself – and thousands of his fellow terrorists – say they are doing for Islam.– ABC man clears Islam-(Andrew Bolt)


Abbott causes beheadings

And leftism causes imbeciles:

Leftists say this image proves the badness of … Abbott 

head1_thumb….according to Murphy and Green, this picture could best be described as an image not of the evil of Islamism but the evil of Abbott.

These people are crazy.

The difference between discussion and click-bait

Their condemnations are worthless:

Dog droppings:

Media Watch pretends a viciously anti-Israeli cartoon was just the ‘truth’

Media Watch’s whitewash this week of anti-Semitic slurs in the Sydney Morning Herald – and its astonishing attack instead on Jews – shows just how out of control the ABC now is.

A minority of Muslims, yes, but potentially very dangerous

Mohamed Zuhbi, an Australian volunteer with the Islamic State:

I believe that they are the future of Syria and I believe that they’re the future of the Islamic empire to come.

Meanwhile, it’s Defence Minister David Johnston’s turn to hit the peaceful majority button:

“One of the things that I must stress here is this is an extreme minority in Muslims in Australia and around the world. The vast majority of Muslims are peace-loving and peaceful people,” Senator Johnston said.

Agreed, minister. But the peaceful majority is irrelevant. (Tim Blair)