United in Ignorance and Stupidity: Religious Leaders Reject Negativity Directed at Australian Muslims

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Muslims should join ASIO: spy boss

All we need is a little understanding, right?

ASIOAustralia’s top spy has urged more Muslims to join the nation’s security force to aid understanding of the Islamic community. ASIO boss David Irvine said the government was not good at listening to the Muslim community and needed to work on communication. He said he would like more members of the Islamic community to join ASIO.–This is political fellatio of the worst kind.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott goes to bat in recruiting Muslims for Team Australia


And for those of you with doubts about the religion of peace and why the Prime Minister is backing this initiative……some wise words from the sage like Keysar Trad 

“Islam is a religion that urges you always to be open to dialogue to those that come in peace. We will talk and leave it to God,” Trad said.–See More

Lets welcome our halal butchers like goats who can’t wait for Ramadan:
1408719280625.jpg-620x349Religious Leaders Reject Negativity Directed at Australian Muslims

Religious leaders reject negativity directed at Muslims: Sheikh Yahya Safi, the Reverend Andrew Dutney and Rabbi Zalman Kastel at the Lakemba Mosque. Photo: Michael Koziol

Religious leaders of multiple faiths gathered at Lakemba Mosque on Friday to express solidarity with Islam and reject what they called a “barrage of negativity” directed at Australian Muslims. Local imam Sheikh Yahya Safi was joined by Rabbi Zalman Kastel, Father Patrick McInerney and the Reverend Andrew Dutney, president of the Uniting Church. They called upon political leaders to avoid language and policies that could marginalise or vilify the Muslim community.

“Demonising Muslims is wrong on so many levels,” Rabbi Kastel said. “We want everyone to feel that they belong here, that they are valued members of – yes – the same team.” (Dream on, you moron!)

May their shiite come to life and bite them in the face!
Outside the mosque, the leaders unveiled a banner headlined “We’ll love Muslims 100 years”, in a format copied from News Corp-owned The Weekend Australian. It was a pointed reference to that newspaper’s provocative August 9 front page “We’ll fight Islam 100 years”.
Convincing argument:

Iowa Democrat: Give Illegals Amnesty or They’ll Become Terrorists

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Military Ceremony in GazaAnother brilliant Democrat…

Iowa Democrat Pat Murphy, who is running for US representative, told the public radio channel that if the US does not give illegals amnesty they will likely become terrorists. The Daily Caller reported, via USofArn: (GWP)

Democratic State Representative and candidate for U.S. representative Pat Murphy said Tuesday that if the underage migrants who have come to the U.S. from Central America aren’t given a “pathway for citizenship” they could become terrorists.

Shitties retaliate:

70 Sunnis Shot Dead During Iraqi Mosque Attack

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Iraqi militants murdered 70 Sunnis at a mosque today.
iraq shooting

AFP reported:

Shiite militiamen gunned down 70 people in an apparent revenge attack at an Iraqi Sunni mosque Friday, dealing a blow to government efforts to regain territory seized by jihadist-led militants.

Can’t wait to see the righteous sunni believers get even with the shia rafidah…..

3 thoughts on “United in Ignorance and Stupidity: Religious Leaders Reject Negativity Directed at Australian Muslims”

  1. This – “Australia’s top spy (ASIO boss David Irvine) said he would like more members of the Islamic community to join ASIO

    Combined with ….

    This – Prime MinisterTony Abbott goes to bat in recruiting Muslims for Team Australia

    Could This and This be The Perfect Example of
    Dumb and Dumber
    With Dumb and Dumber in Charge of The Security and Governing of Australia.
    (and …. yes it gets worse
    – imagine the ALP and
    – Oh! No! as you go left even further politically – Shiite – “The Greens”).

    Now Excuse my French ….
    1. Merde!(maird)
    2. Putain!/Pute!(Poo-TAHN)/(poote)
    3. Chiant/ça me fait chier(CHI-ant)/(sa meh fey CHIay)
    4. Salope! (sal-OPE)
    5. Foutre/ Je m’en fou (FOO-truh)/(Juh men foo)
    6. Con/conasse/connard (cohn)/(con-ASS)/(con-ARD)
    7. Nique ta mere! (neek tah mare)
    8. Ta Gueule! (ta-GOOL)
    9. Casse-toi! (kass-twah)
    10. C’est des conneries! (Say-day-KOHN-ree)

    Thanks to this page – for the Chance to express my disgust at Australia’s two TOP Criminals (they CANNOT BE “Dhimmis” as Australia is NOT an Islamic State)
    …. for translations.

    French” hasn’t fixed the Malevolent Muhammadan Problem though!
    “Expulsion” will do that!
    – Malevolent Muhammadans can then no longer practice islam.

  2. “Muslims should join ASIO: spy boss”

    Love it classic stupidity at its finest. Why recruit them just take them the information or better still just email them I’m sure they’ll appreciate the ongoing investigation methods used against them.

    Oh my I always say that we live in the “age of stupid” and this just re-enforces my belief.

    Well done Australia you haven’t, (well you have), let me down.

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