Viewing the content of the ISIS beheading video is a criminal act?

If its true that the Metropolitan police in Londonistan claims that it’s a criminal act merely to view the video, the horses a$$ who concocted this law should be sacked immediately and replaced with somebody who still has his head screwed on.

Here’s the statement from the Met.

The group known as Islamic State has released a gruesome video which purports to show one of its fighters beheading an American journalist.

It Is the latest propaganda offensive from a group growing in strength, confidence and numbers. Speaking with a British accent, one of the group’s fighters says the killing is revenge for US air strikes in Iraq. (al Jizz video)

In any war against the civilized man and the savage…. are you still sitting on the fence?


WTF is this?

4 thoughts on “Viewing the content of the ISIS beheading video is a criminal act?”

  1. Beheaded ….
    This is what happens to “anyone”(non-muhammadan) when “anyone”(non-muhammadan) Assists and Enables Muhammads Legions.
    There is only one islam – and it is putrid (a bit really smelly) !

    Actually it also happens to “anyone”(Muhammadan) of the wrong Muhammadan Sect – for Shiites sakes!
    So …. choose you Muhammadan “End of Life Plan” Cautiously!

  2. “Viewing the content of the ISIS beheading video is a criminal act”??

    Man, that is some weapons grade dhimmitude.

  3. CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood front group, has come out saying people shouldn’t view or share the jihad porn video of the too trusting Mr Foley being murdered as it will encourage more incidents. That figures then: The Met is on the same page as CAIR, just as it has been for a long time as per its harassment and take down of Tommy Robinson.

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