"WE DEMAND TO COME AND GO", grand mufti

Tiny minority of excremists spooks Australia:

The “grand mufti” with his fake titles  (‘doctor and ‘professor’) ‘s a primitive savage with the same mental baggage as his predecessor, the catmeat sheik al Hilali. He praises jihad, wants to make Australia Islamic and bring us under sharia law. He calls all resistance to the Mohammedan expansion project ‘terrorism’ and praises the head choppers, who go off to the Middle East to practice their skillz. He doesn’t speak English, (at least not to us) and hates Jews like all Muslims do; but that doesn’t stop our dhimmedia to treat him as if he was some kind of dignitary, which he is not.

Larry Pickering

In a sharp response to the Government’s foreshadowed legislation on home grown terrorism, Australia’s Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad (pictured right) has demanded Muslims be allowed to travel where they wish overseas and be allowed unrestricted re-entry to Australia. He claimed this was a basic right of all Muslims.

In an incredible statement he reassured Australians that, if necessary, “We will re-educate them when they return.”

Encouraging young Muslims to support their brothers in arms, the mufti has consistently claimed, “The enemy is practicing(s) the most evil Nazi forms of genocide against innocent Muslims. We acknowledge that there is a similarity in what is happening in Iraq, Palestine, and Syria, in their (there) being the same war machine, the same evil plans and the same devil in the background planning and playing.”

On his Facebook page the mufti slams Israeli aggression, “The mufti wishes to condemn in the harshest possible terms these acts of aggression, injustice, racism and double standards. I also warn the international community against the danger of racism and new forms of Nazism practiced(s) by specific countries that consider themselves above the law, daily committing crimes without being punished.”

The mufti, in a successful attempt to influence who sits in Australia’s Parliament said Islam had worked hard to retain a Labor government. The Mufti had angrily threatened two days after the last election, that the Muslim community would withdraw support for Labor if Senator Carr was replaced with Paul Howes.

(Readers may recall that Paul Howes suddenly, and at the time mysteriously, withdrew from the Senate contest. Howes in the past had expressed muffled support for Israel.)

However, senior Labor sources claimed the mufti’s warning had not been, “a significant factor in the internal campaign to convince Mr Howes to withdraw”.

In an email sent to Labor  MPs on September 9, The mufti said that he was saddened at the news of Senator Carr’s retirement, “What is alarming us more is the rumour that Paul Howes [sic] will be replacing him. Paul has had a repeated pattern of blind bias toward Israel. His appointment would not at all help the engagement effort between the ALP and the wider Muslim community.

“As you know we have worked very hard to marshal our community to support and successfully retain the majority of ALP seats in Western Sydney against all odds, and the choice of Paul (Howes) will threaten our efforts to maintain this momentum, especially if new elections are called in the new year.”

The email began with, “Dear Jason, Tony, Julie and Ed”.  Referring to Jason Clare, the member for Blaxland, Tony Burke, the member for Watson, Julie Owens, the member for Parramatta, and (Brother) Ed Husic, the member for Chifley. All have electorally critical Muslim numbers in their Western Sydney electorates.

The Australian National Imams Council unanimously appointed Ibrahim Abu Muhammed to the role of grand mufti after his predecessor, Sheik Taj Dim al-Hilali (pictured left) had stepped down due to, a’hem, “ill health”.

It was Dim al-Hilali who endorsed suicide bombings and had described Australian women and girls who had been raped by Muslims as “available fresh meat”. A deportation order on al-Hilali was once lifted by Paul Keating in fear of an Islamic backlash.

Anyway, if you would like to hear more from these delightful people (and you can speak Arabic) tune in to www.qkradio.com.au and you can even ask questions of the mufti by calling 02 9724 3355.

But it’s best not to translate what they are saying, it might just scare the crap out of you.

3 thoughts on “"WE DEMAND TO COME AND GO", grand mufti”

  1. What is the best and immediate indicator of a sick and delusional multicultural model?
    Lack of Reciprocity of course, which always comes with vocal claim for more and more, while it give less and less until total annihilation.
    This explains why the inversely proportional trend in demographics and the building Vs destruction of mosques and communities.
    The few exceptions indicate also the bilateral policies are a vital necessity.
    What is the best indicator of civilisation? Respect for minorities worldwide. You get the world statistics on the map… and the troublemakers too be dealt with come straight on the surface.
    However there is only one way to miss the evidence: delusional equal opportunity and politically correct universal coexistence.
    Time to stop being schmuck.
    P.S. – I like the Western necktie! Once you attach Freedom to it you’ll be fine!

  2. “WE DEMAND TO COME AND GO”, grand mufti ….

    Muhammadans – Demanding This Always!
    Muhammadans – Demanding That Always!
    Muhammadans – Always Demanding Always Something Always.

    Muhammadans – how about you demand yourselves leave Australia.
    Now that’s a Demand Australia will Gladly Help You (Muhammadans) with – Right Now.

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