WTF: Israel must share Iron Dome with Hamas…?


Pat Condell puts things in perspective, once again:

Senate blocks aid to Israel

No iron dome, no more playing around then. (Marc Louis)

In the end, the Senate couldn’t even agree to deliver emergency aid to one of the United States’ closest allies. A last-ditch effort to deliver aid to Israel during its war with Hamas died on the Senate floor, as Republicans blocked the proposal over… POLITICO.COM|BY BURGESS EVERETT
Pamela Geller links:
Obama’s boy, just like Trayvon:
I could care less if they knocked out their own front teeth. Tesco is the  organisation that allows Mohammedan employees to refuse handling wine and pork. So this is just another nail in their own coffin:
As the Brits rush to appease and accommodate Muslims in every way it can, including banning non-Muslims from movie theaters, it’s only natural that they would also descend into the most vile Jew-hatred, reminiscent of the Nazis they fought against so fiercely in World War II. “Tesco shelves banning Israeli…

Bludgaheddin threatens Australia


Convicted terrorist, disability pensioner and bludjahideen warrior Khaled Sharrouf explains his cause:

They fight us and harm us we will retaliate we will dedicate our lives to your unrest. We r not mad men or dysfunctional as they portray us to be. By Allah, we are the sane. Anyone who sees what is happening to the muslims around the world … and sits back and does nothing, he is insane.

What is happening to Muslims in Syria and Iraq is that Sharrouf and his mates are cutting their heads off. Nothing dysfunctional about that. As for his disability pension, which apparently followed depression and schizophrenia diagnoses, Sharrouf has this to say:

Let them know that I played the government there like ignorant children i was never mentally ill not then nor now. I seen them following me and I was working for Allah right underneath there noses.

And here comes the next generation. (Tim Blair: WE ARE THE SANE)

 WARNING: TERRORIST ATTACK FOR AUSTRALIA unless 12 Muslim prisoners are released. Demand sent to Sydney Herald Sun Journalist and has been verified by a number of sources. The person making the demand is a well known terrorist and has stated that a terrorist attack will happen on Australian soil if the 12 people in jail that he listed were not released.

 Welcome to a world of near total inversion and insanity

UN’s human rights official condemns Israel for “war crimes”, cites its failure to share Iron Dome with the “governing authority” of Gaza. (The “governing authority of Gaza” is -of course- Hamas.) The world can no longer afford the UN, totally compromised by the OIC and infested with third world kleptocrats, to act as some kind of moral  authority. It is totally discredited.

4 thoughts on “WTF: Israel must share Iron Dome with Hamas…?”

  1. I think it’s high time the Australian S.A.S are given free reign in dealing with these fuzzy wuzzy muppets.

    Seeing what they do across the world and they have the sheer audacity to preach their crap here they should be labeled as a massive threat and dealt with accordingly.

    In time the lads will be unleashed. I can’t wait for that day…

  2. Time to say goodbye to the UN for good. It has turned into a corrupt mouthpiece for Islam and Muslim Parasites. Time for all western countries to Boycott the UN and treat it as the Terrorist tool it has turned into. TO HELL WITH ISLAM. NO SURRENDER EVER.

  3. Sickening what these scum bags are been allowed to do, if these pieces of trash want a war the we should give them a war

    Islam PIGS OF HELL!!

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