The Asylum Racket is a Gigantic Fraud Against Australian Taxpayers


Fortunately, we have a government determined to make an end to it.

Here’s the latest from Tim Blair:


Remember that bunch of Tamil illegals whose arrival in Australia so excited our leftist friends? Well, they’re gone:

The 157 Tamil asylum seekers brought to the Australian mainland last week after a month at sea have been flown to Nauru in a secret overnight operation, after all refused offers to return to India …

It is believed three aircraft, leaving at one-hour intervals from 9.30pm last night, were commissioned by the government after a final offer for their safe return to India was rejected by the boat people.

Good work.

Boat people fraud exposed: Tamils refuse Indian offer of asylum

Andrew Bolt

Sri Lankans turn down an offer of asylum – again – from India, proving they are not genuine refugees looking only for safety:

ALL the 157 people, including 50 children, who left India almost six weeks ago on a people-smuggler’s boat will arrive at the Nauru ­asylum-seeker camp today from the Curtin detention centre in Western Australia after refusing to see Indian consular officials.


The Abbott government decided to send all those from the boat late yesterday to the Pacific nation’s detention centre because they decided not to meet Indian government officials after re­ceiving advice from refugee ­advocates.

The “refugee” advocates also demonstrate that they are not looking simply to find a safe place for refugees.


These Tamils would almost certainly have been safe in Sri Lanka, to where more than 11,000 refugees have been returned already with UN help.

They would have certainly been safe in India, where most have been living for years.

This is a gigantic fraud against Australian taxpayers.

The fraudsters are delighted:


The one mistake that Morrison made was to immediately agree to not repatriating the “asylum seekers” until the High Court made its decision when he didn’t need to.–Larry Pickering

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  1. The reason that these Shri Lankans have accepted to go to Nauru, is that they are confident that a future Labour givernment will give them amnesty and settlement in Australia. Why? That is what Labour does. In addition, you can be sure, that over the next few years, one will hear the media lamenting the harsh conditions that they are in, and that it is heartless Australia that is the cause that they are stateless. Enter stage left the UN, Navi Pillay etc.

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