A "London Businessman", a Brisbane imam, and the 'innocence of Islam'

This is bad business.

THE MEN WITH MANY WIVESStrolling in a park, a London businessman and his THREE wives – just one of up to 20,000 such multi-wife marriages in polygamy Britain

Leftist BS prop:

Mohammedan BS propaganda

This dog is so full of shiite:

Article Lead - wide6137993910jli1image.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.10jl2b.png1411167990341.jpg-620x349“Islam is innocent, if anything Islam is the biggest victim of the crime committed in the name of Islam…”

Uzii Akhar is the Imaan of the Islamic Council of Holland Park, which is based around the 108-year-old Islamic mosque in Brisbane’s inner-south. (The clueless journo (Tony Moore) should be ashamed of himself.)  Imam Akbar was surprised at the turnout and at the warm applause he received.

What the world needs now may be love….

….but more urgently it needs the end of Islamist jihadism, the greatest danger to Western civilization and values. 

In Other News from Australia: Proposed Currumbin Mosque Gets Rejected, After All

Earlier, the planning committee had approved it but when it went to the full council it got the thumbs down.

Little victories.  Of course, in the Comments below the article at “Brisbane Times” any number of fools are crying “racism”, “bigotry”, etc.  However the rejection of yet another mosque on Aussie soil may look quite different today in the light of the exposure – and, one hopes, foiling – of a Muslim plot to seize on the street, kidnap and behead random Aussie Infidels in order to produce beheading videos for the delectation of Muslims and the promotion of the rapidly-expanding Islamic State.  Tony Moore reporting in “Brisbane Times”.-by Christina McIntosh