Heated clashes at mosque protest at Maroochydore

Aussies waking up. Good.


AN anti-mosque protest on the Sunshine Coast has turned ugly this morning as verbal clashes erupted between anti-Islamists and students supporting freedom of religion.

About 500 people turned up in Church Street, Maroochydore, where a property is planned to be turned into a place of worship for Muslims.

A mosque is not a place of worship. A mosque is a beachhead, a fort, a courthouse and an indoctrination centre for Mohammedan headchoppers.

Most of the crowd carried placards against Islam and chanted “No Mosque here” but a smaller group waved banners opposing “Bigotry” and offering “Free Hugs”.

There is no cure for stupid.

Amid a strong police presence, the protest immediately turned ugly and personal when the anti-mosque crowd turned on the uni students, hurling abuse and singling out individuals.

Senior citizens, tradies and mums and dads with banner warning “Islam is plotting our destruction” and “Islam affects the community” screamed at young women carrying posters that read “No to hate, Yes to Freedom of Religion”.

That twit doesn’t know how Mohammedans hate.

“You’re so stupid,” screamed one woman to a girl whose poster read “No Bigotry.”

There was no organisation to the protest, with attendees milling around in groups and looking for opportunities for a verbal stoush.

Greg McKenzie, 22, turned on Rhea Abraham, a young woman of Middle Eastern Appearance, who was calling for tolerance.

Protest against a mosque at Maroochydore, Church st. Pic Megan SladeProtest against a mosque at Maroochydore, Church st. Pic Megan Slade

With the crowd cheering and jeering, Mr McKenzie cried: “don’t come to our country and tell us to accept a religion that disgraces our country and our culture and our women.

“Go back to where you come from. This is our country. This is Australia. You you have a problem go back and live in a Muslim country.”

Shaken and brought to tears, Ms Abraham, 26, told The Sunday Mail she was an atheist, not a Muslim, and her heart was broken by the behaviour exhibited today.

Ms Abraham said she came to the protest to offer free muffins and promote peace.

Take your muffins and stuff ’em, Ms Abraham. And peace will be with you.

“It’s very sad that this is happening in a community like Australia. They don’t realise that people come to this country for a better life.

Muslims come to make Australia Islamic, not for a better life.

“This is my home I can’t go anywhere else.”

 Too bad.

Protest against a mosque at Maroochydore, Church st. Pic Megan SladeProtest against a mosque at Maroochydore, Church st. Pic Megan Slade

Pakistani-born Justin Albert became a crowd favourite when he started shouting warnings against Islam, describing what he said were his experiences of oppression and violence in his native country.

Mr Albert drew the cheers of Protestors wearing Australian flags and Aussie shirts as he shouted: “if we hug them (Muslims), they will kill you.

“Chopping their heads, it is their Jihad.

“I know their deeds. No more mosque in Australia. One day you will see they will kill you.

“I warn you Australia, they will kill you.”

Another woman, who asked to be called a Michelle, attended the protest with her partner and two young children, saying she was fighting for her children and grandchildren.

“They hate all Western society, they hate Westerners, they hate whites,” she said.

 Ain’t that the truth.

QLD_SM_NEWS_MOSQUE_20SEP14Protest against a mosque at Maroochydore, Church st. Pic Megan Slade

“They try and change what’s taught at schools, they try and change the dress code, they try and change what’s available at the tuck shop.

“They come in and they want to change. What other religion does that?”

Uni student Gabby King, 20, said she was surprised by the level of animosity at the protest, with the anti-Islamists ganging up on the students.

“I grew up in an environment where my mum taught me to love,” she said.

“I came here to promote peace.

“People should be able to practise their religion and not have to put up with people like this.”

Sweetheart, go and hug a puppy. 

Police eventually broke up the gathering at 12pm, after an hour.

2 thoughts on “Heated clashes at mosque protest at Maroochydore”

  1. Muslims ought to be treated exactly as kaffirs are treated in Islamic dumps. Bending over to accept, love, turn the other cheek etc. is perceived (and is) weakness by our foes. I hope we are awakening.

  2. Something’s not right about Islam. People are starting to see this. They are getting cranky about being told by our politicians and media outlets that Islam is the religion of peace when clearly the gut reaction is otherwise.
    People are getting fed up with the fawning appeasement and obsequiousness of our leaders, authorities and media to the demands of Muslims who represent around three percent of our society but are granted concessions and benefits way out of proportion to their numbers .
    Finally, we are fed up with the supremacist apartheid expressions of Islam in Australia. The lofty attitude, the whining victimhood, the tongue in cheek taqiyya and exclusive, in your face clothing.

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