Abbott: "Muslims are absolutely first-class Australians…."

If Muslims are  ‘first-class’ Australians, what does that make us?

There is no end to this.

The threat from far-right extremism is growing in the UK, a senior Home Office adviser warned today, with Islamophobia escalating in the wake of Islamic State…M.HUFFPOST.COM
Reality bites:
Come all ye infidel suckers, we’ll show you how to submit!

Queensland ‘Open Mosque Day’ to better understanding of Islam

 # Some behead for allah – others deceive—Louis M. White thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Muslim da’awa gigolos &  Premier Campbell Newman invite public into mosques

MUSLIM leader Ali Kadri knows his campaign to get Queenslanders to visit mosques could attract people with hostile attitudes. BUT he won’t be deterred from trying to dispel fear and misinformation about the Islamic faith, including the perception that mosques are off limits to non-Muslims. …

More fear and misinformation dispelling at

No infidel is a “first-class citizen” in an Islamic state

Delusional crap:

Attorney-General George Brandis said Australian Muslims were “first-class citizens” and the latest threat was from criminals, not a particular religious group.

However, the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohammad, threatened legal action over the two-and-a-half hour detention of a senior imam at Sydney airport, while vandals spray-painted the word “Evil” across a mosque in the north Queensland town of Mareeba. …

More on the latest threat from … whatever … at

More BS from the highest office in the land:

PM Tony Abbott:

 “The vast majority of Australian Muslims are absolutely first-class Australians,” he said.

I get it. They are first class, we are their providers. Dhimmitude on steroids…..

“They’re committed to our country and they have no truck whatsoever with the misguided fanatics, with the bloodthirsty extremists who we’ve seen on our screens in the Middle East and who regrettably do include at least 60 Australians.” …

More on the absolutely first-class Australians who aren’t trucking for allah at Jacaranda FM

2 thoughts on “Abbott: "Muslims are absolutely first-class Australians…."”

  1. That’s what you’es me off about our govt; they suck up to this lot so much. Next they’ll be saying the police were wrong to make these raids on innocent mussies who are only trying to follow their “religion” according to their beliefs.

    I wonder if you’d be allowed to bring your own tucker to this ‘open day’? A bacon & egg burger sounds particularly appetising…

  2. The UK traitors are using the term ”right-wing extrenism” as a smokescreen because in truth more and more indegenous are standing up and voicing there objections to islamification,immigration and the pc brigade and don’t fear being called a racist anymore.Thanks to UKIP those who were silent now see it’s acceptable to object to the invasion we under and the Rotherham report has increased feelings but the authorities are also using ”right-wing ” to cover there refusal to combat the islamic terrorists in our midst,the spread of the medieval cult but encourage it.

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