Achtung: Ziyonhass!

America’s MESA Nostra is almost entirely in the hands of Mohammedan headbangers and leftist loons:

College professors are warning Jewish students to exercise caution when considering taking university classes that focus on the Middle East, claiming that many American professors have proven that they hold biased views against Israel.

“We recommend that students exercise great care in choosing which courses they will take,” Rossman-Benjamin and Beckwith wrote. “Consider this: last month, about 200 professors identifying themselves as ‘Middle East scholars’ on more than 100 U.S. campuses signed a petition decrying ‘ongoing Israeli massacres in Gaza.’”  Many signatories belong to well-known institutions like Columbia, Duke, Harvard and Georgetown.

600x41416The letter lambastes Israel for creating a “humanitarian catastrophe,” but gives no attention to Hamas’ actions in the conflict, they argued.

“We believe the professors who have signed this petition may be so biased against the Jewish state that they are unable to teach accurately or fairly about Israel or the Arab-Israel conflict, and may even inject antisemitic tropes into their lectures or class discussion,” Rossman-Benjamin and Beckwith wrote.

There was a demonstration in Irbid, Jordan, to celebrate Hamas’ “victory” in Gaza.Organized by the Islamic Movement, thousands attended. They chanted “We are all Hamas! We are all resistance!”

There were “fireworks, cheers and demands for the resistance to prepare for the next chapter in battle with the Zionist enemy to liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque from the clutches of the Jews.”

One speaker, Dr. Hammam Said, saluted the Qassam terror brigades, criticizing what he said was “a conspiracy of Arab rulers against our people in Gaza.”

UPDATE: From the comments.

We call on this blog to observe accuracy and not to buy into Jordan’s king’s propaganda games. The rally above was held under the supervision, facilitation and encouragement of the Jordanian king’s intelligence. The purpose of such rallies is to play the boogieman game against Israel and play on Israel’s fear factor, and this tactic has worked with well-intended people, such as many from AIPAC for example, who blindly believe that the minute “the king goes, the Islamist will take over”. This is not true, the rally above was held in a Bedouin-dominated area, no Palestinians in Irbid, the rally was attended by less than a thousand people, and such rallies in Amman almost failed and the Jordanian media even reported it. Get the facts, the fact here is: the Palestinian majority in Jordan still hates Israel, nonetheless, it hates Jordan’s king even more and hates the Islamists because they are his shameless ally in the open, he himself said: “The Muslim Brotherhood is a part of my regime”. Also, worth noting, why does Jordan king ban any secular rally or protests in Jordan, yet allows and facilities all Islamist rallies in Jordan?


Mudar Zahran
Secretary General
The Jordanian Opposition Coalition.

Melanie Phillips: 
The false equation of Jew-hatred and Islamophobia

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the main representative body of the Jewish community in the UK, managed last week to get itself into a terrible mess.
It issued a joint statement with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), which not only stated that the Middle East conflict must not poison community relations but also condemned “the targeting of civilians” which was “against our religious traditions.”

This unspecific formulation implied the Board was condemning Israel as well as Hamas for having targeted civilians in Operation Protective Edge. In the row that then erupted, the Board protested that the phrase could only relate to Hamas since Israel never targeted civilians.
But the MCB claimed the Board had agreed the phrase covered both sides. So the Board enabled the MCB to crow – falsely but plausibly – that the Jews had condemned Israel for war crimes.
People were left scratching their heads at how the Board could have been quite so foolish; indeed, how it could have collaborated at all with the MCB which, along with its affiliates, has links to Islamic extremists, a history of support for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and whose past leaders have described Israel as “the Zionist terrorist state.”
The explanation lies at root in the UK Jewish leadership’s misguided and dangerous strategy for dealing with Britain’s Muslims.

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  1. I took a look at that list of ‘scholars’, the BDS gang. Talk about infiltrated. We are paying taxes that go to universities that fund traitors, .i.e. the mesa nostra, that plot our destruction. How few of our politicians are aware of how deep and woven the academic jihad has grown. I’m sure IS has been a pain in the ass, having to run all that taqiya jam in the pathetic media. They will soldier on for Mo the terd.

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