"Financing terror will not be tolerated in Australia"

But it is. And its been going on for a long time. Just like sharia finance is not tolerated in Australia. Remember how Ahmed Fahur,  the former CEO of the NAB promoted it?  And how every sucker from KRudd to G-Lard  jumped on it like dogs in heat?

Muslim Charity Under investigation


A Muslim Charity is being investigated by Federal Police over suspected money laundering and the funding of terrorism.

mohammadashraf1jpg.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxThere is no such thing as an “Islamic charity”. War is deceit, said Muhammad, profit of Islam. And Islamic charities might drop a few crumbs to the needy, but by and large, the  system is meant to raise funds for the jihad. And that’s what they do, by hook and by crook.

As the need for humanitarian aid and relief has exploded charities have worked overtime to raise money and come to the rescue.

“Charitable groups are viewed as posing a particular risk for money laundering and terror financing purposes,” said Professor Louis de Koker. The Deakin University Professor has written about money laundering and terror funding.

Same in Canada:

Muslims donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to one of Canada’s largest Islamic organizations on the promise that the cash would be used to help the poor. ISNA Canada draws in close to $1 million in charity donations a year. Whatever they do with it, its not kosher.

Then there’s the halal racket:


I have never checked my Aussie smoked salmon for that rotten little Arab sign denoting halal certification. But there it was, that little circled bit of calligraphy (which probably says ‘sucked in’) was on my Tassel Tasmanian smoked salmon. I mean seriously, HTF can a fish be halal? Does the damned boat need to be facing Mecca when you’re gutting the bloody thing? Larry Pickering/COMMENTS

We know 150 Australians have fought with terrorists in the Middle East. We don’t know how many here have joined them, some in ways that we didn’t expect.

7News has learned, from a confidential source, that an unnamed Muslim Charity is being investigated by Australian Federal Police on suspicion of money laundering and funding terror.

Authorities refuse to identify which Muslim charity is being investigated, but 7News has been told it has annual revenue of more than a quarter of a million dollars and that in June the AFP approached the Charities Commission and requested information on the group.

Around 60,0000 Australian charities are officially registered with the regulator, the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

“It is always possible individuals can seek to raise funds and say that they’re raising funds for a particular charitable purpose but actually not do so and sometimes that can be without the knowledge or consent of the charity involved,” said David Locke, the Assistant Charities Commissioner at the ACNC.

The Australian Federal Police told us they cannot comment on current investigations.

In a written statement, the Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan told us: “Financing terror will not be tolerated in Australia. Even unintentional involvement in terrorism financing can put at risk the Australian community.”

The Federal Government recently announced a $630million package to detect, disrupt and take action against those supporting terrorists.

“All charities have to ensure that the funds that they raise are applied for their charitable purposes,” Mr Locke said.

“And it’s really important that if you are operating in another country working with partner organisations you carry out satisfactory checks of those organisations to ensure that they’re appropriate bodies they should be engaging with and transferring funds through,” he said.

Charities have been caught funding terror in a variety of ways, such as financing shelter and aid for the families of killed terrorists or raising money for a worthwhile cause and simply forwarding it to a terror group.

“Most Muslim charities are doing fantastic work in their local community and people shouldn’t be discouraged from supporting many other charities that are doing fantastic work,” said Mr Locke.


3 thoughts on “"Financing terror will not be tolerated in Australia"”

  1. ” …. And Islamic “charities” might drop a few crumbs to the needy, …. ”

    And the needy (to receive) from any islamic “charity” will only ever be a Muhammadan.

    And The West continues to finance its own self destruction!
    Wakey Wakey – STOP the Criminal Politicians and Politicals of The West.

    Say NO to Charity for ANY Muhammadan(male/female/child/”dhimmi”).
    Self Preservation from any Muhammadan(male/female/child/”dhimmi”) is in Order.
    Self Defence against any Muhammadan(male/female/child/”dhimmi”) is Demanded.

    Always Remember the Curse of islam.
    ‘& The Central Message of islam contained in the qur’an !’ ….
    (Ensure non-Muhammadans Either)
    – “Submit to islam, or pay the jizya with willing submission else we (Muhammadans) will kill you.”

  2. Hello, it’s been a long while since I last wrote on this page.
    Earlier this morning I wrote you such a long tell all story about what happened to me now that it Islam has been discovered by the Australian people.

    I could not get my letter to go to you and had warnings about using this site. Can you tell me if this is so or just an over zealous warning system on my computer via microsoft.

    Thanks Sheik. IW.

  3. Larry asked ….
    “HTF can a fish be halal?”
    (I understand your question was rhetoric Larry!)

    The same way everything else becomes halal certified!
    Either the Manufacturer or Company is islam centric or ….
    The Muhammadan criminals visit the Australian (or O/S) Manufacturer or Company and explains what will (EXTORTION) happen to the company if the companies management do not agree to pay the halal certification tax (illegal islamic “religious” tax).

    There ya go Larry!
    And ALL current and past Australian Politicians and Politicals (Greens = [Dhimmis with no Quotation marks]) assist and enable islam in this and other criminal acts against Australia – there are letters from Australian Politicians exhorting the benefits of halal certification in Australia – Believe it or not!

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