"…as if, this was my decision…"

Coalition of the Unwilling

by Mark Steyn

…the “Islamic State” is not Islamic, our war with them is not a war, there’ll be no boots on the ground except the exotic footwear of a vast unspecified coalition – but something more basic: What he mainly communicates is that he doesn’t mean it.

That’s what the jihadist militias now in control of Tripoli understood about his “leading from behind”. That’s what Putin grasped about Obama’s “red line” in Syria. And that’s what any Isis member who took time out of his beheading schedule to watch the President on CNN International will have taken away from this week’s speech.

OMG. This is Great. Got to listen till the end. (thanks to the Q-Society)


Psychobabble for Jewish dimwits

News, Mideast News: Speaking before Jewish donors, US president says IS crisis in Middle East gives opportunity to emphasize importance of ‘stomping out Islamic extremism’ in Muslim world.

Police give up, Sweden changed forever: “We will have to live with shootings”Police give up, Sweden changed forever: “We will have to live with shootings”

(Sweden is burning, and on Sunday there are elections. It is thought that Swedish voters will choose a Leftist government for the next four years… Let’s hope not.) Sweden used to be one of the safest countries in the world, but with more than a hundred thousand Muslim immigrants arriving every year, the country is [/ Comments] Continue Reading »

“NO to Islam in the Czech Republic”.

A project aimed at presenting the history and culture of Islam MOHAMMEDAN RULE  to Czech students in view of building a multicultural, tolerant society has hit the rocks. The Czech Education Ministry announced on Thursday it was withdrawing its support for the project after receiving numerous complaints from parents.

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  1. “OMG. This is Great. Got to listen till the end”

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