Once again: Islam has nothing to do with Islam…

“The Islamic State [ISIL] is not Islamic.” … Hussein Obama, In his nationally televised speech on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11


“… the Islamic community should not be blamed for the alleged activities of a few individuals…” —Queensland Premier Campbell Newman

10458171_911960378833742_6916025171332093344_nShould infidels be blamed for telling the truth about Islam, Premier? Every Muslim is by the law of allah obliged to strike terror in the hearts of the infidels. (Campbell Newman is a political prostitute and a fool who needs to take a crash course in Mohammedan ideology. Urgently.)


A group of disillusioned British jihadists who wanted to return home after fighting for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have been taken prisoner by their militant commanders.

by Christina McIntosh

This has been variously reported in various media outlets, but a couple of the ABC reports are enough to give an idea of what has come to light so far.

First, on September 11 2014, we read:

(Musel-)”Man Charged After Raid on Islamic Centre South of Brisbane”.

And he wasn’t a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Jew, a Sikh, an Atheist or a Christian. Funny, that. – CM

‘A man has been charged over allegedly recruiting, facilitating and funding people [sic: Muslims – I doubt any Buddhists or Christians are rushing off to join in the rapes, enslavements and beheadings, etc. – CM] to fight in Syria, after officers raided an Islamic centre at Logan, south of Brisbane.

‘Agim Kruezi, 21, of Boronia Heights, is expected to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates’ Court, following a 12-month joint operation that included the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Queensland Police.

They’ve had their eye on him, and on that place, for twelve months.  Good work. Now, I hope they’re watching all the other “Islamic centres”, bookshops, etc…and I do hope they’re watching the mosques. Every last one of them should be suspect, and under surveillance. Bugged, preferably. – CM

‘Omar Succerieth, 31, from Kuraby (where there is a mosque, by the way – CM) has also been arrested and is expected to be charged.

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‘Succerieh, one of the Islamic centre’s founders, is believed to be the brother of Abu Asma al Australi, who is suspected of being the first Australian [sic: “Australian-passport-holding” – CM] suicide bomber to die in Syria.

No, he didn’t just “die”, he blew himself up in Syria.   Slaying and being slain the cause of “allah”.  I hope that he really is dead, because that means he can’t come back to murder Aussie infidels on Aussie soil. – CM

‘Nine search warrants were executed on the centre in the Logan suburb of Underwood, by 180 AFP and Queensland police officers.

One hundred and eighty cops?  To execute nine search warrants. That’s roughly twenty cops per warrant.  Yup, Aussie police are taking no chances; an upfront display of force seems to be the best way to deter the formation of the mohammedan insta-mob. – CM

‘AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said the 21 year old man was charged with two offences.

“Firstly in relation to incursions into Syria with the intention of engaging in hostile activities and recruiting persons to engage in hostile activities in Syria,” he said.

“A 31 year old male from Kuraby will be charged for providing funds to a terrorist organisation in Syria, as well as one charge under the Crimes Foreign Incursions Act 1978 in relation to preparation for crimes [? – incursions? this is reading oddly – CM] into Syria with the intention of engaging in hostile activity”.

‘He said advice the AFP had from the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions was [that] there was enough evidence to charge the men.

‘He said there were a number of items seized in Wednesday morning’s raids.

“Some crossbars [sic: crossbows? – CM], electronic data and one firearm”, he said.

“[The men] are associated with the bookshop.  We are not going to go into further details at this time exactly what that relationship is, but obviously that will bear out [? – be borne out? – CM] in the court process.”

Associated with the bookshop”.  Now, thought experiment.  There is in Australia a well-known chain of evangelical Christian bookshops known as “Koorong Books”.  Could anyone even begin to imagine the AFP needing to raid Koorong premises, or employees thereof, and uncovering weaponry, and a clandestine network aimed at funnelling people into an organisation notorious for kidnappings, extortion and beheadings?  But the AFP has just had to raid an Islamic bookshop and arrest persons associated therewith. – CM

‘The raids come a day after the head of Australia’s domestic spy agency, David Irvine, said the country’s official terror threat (that is: the probability that Australian Infidels on Australian soil might be murderously attacked by allahu-akbaring followers and imitators of the warlord Mohammed – CM) could be upgraded in the next few days.

‘ASIO’s director-general told the ABC’s 7.30 Report on Tuesday night that the threat had been building in Australia over the past year and he had an “elevated level of concern”.

‘The Federal Government has confirmed the threat of a terrorist attack (that is: of a Muslim jihad terror raid – CM) in Australia has moved “above moderate” because of the involvement of Australians (sic: of Australian-passport-holding Muslims – CM) in the Middle East war zone.

‘However, Assistant Commissioner Gaughan said security agencies did not think the men were planning a terrorist attack within Australia, nor were they related to Islamic State (IS).

That’s not much comfort.  If these particular people were not – so far as could be discerned – planning to attack Aussie infidels, that does not mean that others, similarly jihad-minded, are not.  If there are Muslims within Australia prepared to go all the way to Syria to engage in jihad fi sabil allah against the Alawite and Shiite heretics then there are surely other Muslims looking with contempt and aggression at the Infidels all around them, right here.  And  IS is not the only jihad outfit that has been committing atrocities, whether in Syria or in Iraq. – CM

“I would like to stress there is no information or intelligence available to police or security agencies at this time to indicate that these males were involved in terrorism attack planning in Australia”, he said.

Still, I wouldn’t like to have people of this ilk living in the house next door. – CM

‘He said the timing of the raids came down to public safety.

Hmmmm. – CM

“This is criminal behaviour by Australians involved in terrorist activity….these charges were not in relation to Islamic State”, he said.

‘Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Gayle Hogan said there was nothing in the investigation that pointed to any attack or problems in relation to the G20 meeting in Brisbane in November.

“The Queensland Police Service and our partners are working closely to ensure that our planning is up to speed to provide security to all of the guests that are coming and to the members of the community, so I state again there are no links to G20″, she said.”

In this particular case, maybe not. That doesn’t mean that there might not be other plots a-hatching, elsewhere within the ummah.  Watch the mosques.

Now, a bit more on the Muslims who were arrested.

‘Two Men Accused of Terrorism-Related Offences Remanded in Custody’.

“The older brother of Australia’s suspected first suicide bomber and a co-accused have been remanded in custody after being charged with terrorism-related offences in Queensland’s south-east.

“Agim Kruezi, 21, from Boronia Heights, and Omar Succareieh, 31, from Kuraby, both south of Brisbane, briefly appeared in Brisbane Magistrates’ Court this morning.

‘Kruezi faced five charges, including unlawfully possessing a sawn-off .22 calibre semi-automatic firearm.

He wouldn’t have been able to get that onto a plane to send to Syria. He couldn’t have given it to a bruvva to take to Syria.  That weapon could only have been intended for use here.  Against whom? – CM

‘A detailed charge sheet also showed he allegedly recruited people for the Islamic State jihadist group between July 2013 and September 2014 to fight in Syria and Iraq.

In the first report I just reproduced above, our Assistant Commissioner said he didn’t think the men arrested were related to the Islamic State.  Now it appears that one of them was. – CM

‘Succarieh, brother of Abu Asma al Australia…faced three charges.

‘They included making funds available to Jabhat al Nusra, which was linked to Al Qaeda, between August 2013 and September 2014.

I’d like to know the source of the funds.  Was it all his own money, from lawful earnings?  Or was it contributed by other members of the Mohammedan Mob, and if so, whom? – CM

‘He also allegedly prepared for “incursions into foreign state” between February 2014 and March 2014, and unlawfully possessed a growth hormone.

To beef himself – and/ or others – up for jihad?  Or to illegally trade, to raise funds for jihad? – CM

‘The pair were remanded in custody until their next court appearance on October 17.

‘They were arrested yesterday after a 12 month counter terrorism operation involving federal and Queensland police.

‘Anti-terrorism officers carried out nine simultaneous raids, including at the iQraa Isalmic Centre at Underwood south of Brisbane.

‘AFP Assistant Commissioner Neil Gaughan said there was no evidence an attack was being planned in Australia.

‘But he alleged there was evidence of terrorism-related activity.

“There was a sufficiency of evidence to progress and this was not a hasty decision and due to public safety concerns we really had no option but to proceed”, he said. “Australians [sic – CM] travelling offshore to engage in, or support, terrorist activities or conflict present a significant threat to Australia’s national security, both in foreign countries and upon their return to Australia”…

‘Upon their return to Australia”?  Why the HELL do you so supinely assume that they can and will return??  Why is it so utterly impossible to conceive of preventing them from returning by, for example, stripping them of citizenship – a citizenship for which they manifestly care nothing except as a temporary and tactical convenience – and of their Infidel-country passports?  Why cannot steps be taken to ensure that, once having gone, once having plunged into a jihad bloodbath, whether in Syria or Iraq or anywhere else (Somalia? Yemen? Northern Nigeria? Afghanistan? Libya? you-name-it), such persons are banned from ever being able to return into any part of the lands of the non-Muslims?   Let them go.  Do not let them return.  Why, why, why does no government in the western world seem to be able to see this simple and obvious way in which to lessen the problem presented by our Mohammedan Fifth Column? 

And now cue the usual bleating of “ButthishasnothingtodowithIslam” from people who have manifestly avoided doing their homework. – CM

‘Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said the Islamic community should not be blamed for the alleged activities of a few individuals.

Dear Premier Newman. Read. the. bloody. Quran.  Read. the. even. bloodier. Sira.  Get it through your head that all Muslims, – all Muslims – are taught to admire and imitate everything that Mohammed did and taught.  And get a bloody clue! – CM

“Now more than ever I call on Queenslanders to show the tolerance and friendship for which we’re all renowned”, he said.

Dear Premier Newman: are you aware that Muslims are taught (this is Orthodox Islam, not some weird fringe thing) that they must not befriend infidels – except feigningly and temporarily, at times of relative Muslim weakness vis a vis the najis kuffar, the filthy unbelievers?   And do you know what life was like for the dhimmis, the “tolerated” non-Muslim indigenous minorities in Muslim-conquered lands, throughout most of the history of Islam?  A condition of degradation, humiliation, and perpetual – and sometimes extreme – physical peril.  I will be coolly polite to Muslims I meet in the street. But I will watch my back around them, and I will keep a beady eye upon them; just as, in 1942, my parents would have kept a beady eye upon any person who flew a Swastika flag in the front garden and/ or was heard expressing admiration for Herr Hitler.  I will watch, and listen, and if I see anything at all suspicious, anything that Doesn’t Feel Right, I will make a phone call to the AFP.  – CM

This is not about a religion, this is about people who are allegedly involved in planning criminal acts”.

Dear Premier, this is about a religion; it is about the belief system that Sir Winston Churchill, who knew a great deal more about Islam than you do, from direct personal observation and experience, and from at least some reading of core Islamic texts, summed up as “the religion of blood and war”. – CM

2 thoughts on “Once again: Islam has nothing to do with Islam…”

  1. Queensland’s Chief Deceiver and Deceitful “Muhammadan” (Liberal National Party of Queensland) Premier Campbell Kevin Thomas Newman said ….
    the Islamic community should not be blamed for the alleged activities of a few individuals.

    All Muhammadans male/female/child/”dhimmi” being either Sunni or Shiite SUBMIT to THE SAME ISLAMIC TRILOGY ….
    • The Qur’an – the words of the Islamic god “Allah”, as reported by Muhammad
    • The Sira – the life of Muhammad
    • The Hadith – the traditions of Muhammad, governing every aspect of daily life, great and small.
    and idolise (The Criminal) Muhammad and desire to emulate his Criminal Behaviour.

    BUT – As good as This is
    Dear Premier Newman. Read. the. bloody. Quran. Read. the. even. bloodier. Sira. Get it through your head that all Muslims, – all Muslims (male/female/child/”dhimmi” being either Sunni or Shiite) – are taught to admire and imitate everything that Mohammed did and taught. And get a bloody clue! – CM

    This is needed
    Dear “Muhammadan” Campbell Kevin Thomas Newman Australians want to KNOW why you (and your ilk) have not been
    • recognised as the Criminals -(you cannot continue to FALSELY claim ignorance of islam – you are PAID to KNOW)- that you all are!
    • imprisoned for the crimes you have/are committing for ISLAM against Australia and Australians.
    • incarcerated for Assisting/Enabling islam and for Treason and Sedition to Australia.

    And this is definetely NOT needed
    Queensland’s Deceiver and Deceitful “
    Muhammadan” Campbell Kevin Thomas Newman tells Queenslanders to SUBMITT to ISLAM ….
    Now more than ever I call on Queenslanders to show the tolerance and friendship for which we’re all renowned”,

    Why – “Muhammadan” Campbell Kevin Thomas Newman – so the Muhammadans can continue to subjugate us deceitfully (with your help) – and laugh (behind their hands/veils and openly in their Mosques) at how Deceived/Stupid/Foolish/Gullible – Conquered these Aussies are!

    No – “Muhammadan” Campbell Kevin Thomas Newman – how about you and you ilk RUN straight to the nearest Police station and hand your guilty selves in so the “Deceived” Australians can begin the Muhammadan male/female/child/”dhimmi” Sunni/Shiite purge of Australia.

  2. The Hon. Tony Abbott, MP, refreshed The preferred “Citizens’ Response” to Terrorism (Muhammadans).
    The National Security Hotline

    1800 1234 00
    Trained operators take every call seriously.
    You can remain anonymous.

    The National Security Hotline is the single point of contact for the public to report possible signs of terrorism.
    It also provides information to callers on a wide range of national security matters.

    Be not a Deceiver nor a Deceived.

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