Because Muhammad was the greatest headchopper of all…


Because Mohammed Did

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Written by Pete Parker on September 15, 2014

Those who so zealously reminded us–immediately following the beheading of American journalist James Foley–that ISIS “speaks for no religion” are propagating a lie spawned in the bowels of hell.

In fact, ISIS not only speaks for a particular religion (Islam)–but it also mimics every act of brutality and truculence perpetrated by its founder, the Prophet Mohammed.

mohammed-rides-again3From subjugating and raping women, to beheading scores of non-Muslims (including infants)–ISIS is simply following the sadistically bloody paradigm set by the prophet.

(So bloody, in fact, that Mohammed was recognized as one of the most violent figures of the 7th century.)

Picture of the Week from the Religion of Peace

cycle-of-violenceHumanitarians try to help Muslims. Muslims behead them. More humanitarians try to help MuslimsMuslims behead them too…  Can’t these two groups just get along?

Islamic historians tell us that in 627 AD Mohammed beheaded over 700 men (and boys) of the Qurayza tribe in Medina, Arabia. By committing this act of barbarism–the prophet was able to accomplish his long stated goal of wiping the ancient tribe “off the map.”

The Koran (ISIS’ playbook) contains the following passage: “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks (Sura 47:4).

This, of course, is a direct diktat to behead all those who reject “the way of the prophet.”

(And no one understands the diktats of the Koran better than ISIS’ supreme leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who, by the way– holds a PHD in Islamic Studies.)

The ISIS “speaks for no religion” crowd is, without question, a clear and present danger.

By spreading the aforementioned lie, they close off any and all serious debate about an ideology that commands its adherents to behead all “unbelievers.”

And with the ever increasing flow of Muslim immigration to our shores (thank you State Department), this presents a serious national security risk.

In the final analysis, America’s very survival depends on its outright rejection of the hellish and deadly lie that Islam is a “religion of peace.” It must accept the grim reality that ISIS beheads people because Mohammed did.

Yeah, that’s right: ISIS beheads people because ISLAM’S founder/prophet did.
Now get over it.

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