They don't make suicide bombers like that anymore….

Motherly Love

“I miss my son so much. He was such a good boy…”

“If he had been a British soldier and carried out that brave act of heroism, he would have been awarded the posthumous Victoria Cross…”

_72938751_72938750Majeed’s elder brother Hafeez has rarely spoken publicly since the suicide bombing. But he made clear that’s not out of shame. “We feel no shame whatsoever,” he said. “Whatever [my brother Abdul] Waheed did, his intentions were bona fide and true to the heart. His whole purpose was to save people in that prison who had been tortured and raped.”

He was not a threat to the British public,” Hafeez Majeed said.

Really? Nothing to worry about then….

UK immigration minister: Beheading of aid worker “nothing to do with Islam”UK immigration minister: Beheading of aid worker “nothing to do with Islam”

So many non-Muslim authorities in the West who see clearly and easily that what the Islamic State does has nothing to do with Islam: Barack Obama, John Kerry, David Cameron, Philip Hammond, Tony Abbott, and so very many others — now including James Brokenshire. Why do so many young Muslims from the West, including hundreds [/Comments] Continue Reading »

And another one:

Soldiers killed in Taliban attack in Kabul

Taliban claims responsibility for attack on military convoy in Afghanistan’s capital as political deadlock continues.

2 thoughts on “They don't make suicide bombers like that anymore….”

  1. The video of the “normal british family” BRITISH???? shows some unexpected (and probably unintended) humour!

    around min. 2.00 – the good-boy-suicide-bomber was “soooooo brave and soooooooo good” that was why he was able to “help so many people”…LOL …how many did hitch a ride to Mohamed’s bordello in the sky?

    And towards the end of the video the “broffer” reassures us that the good-boy-suicide-bomber “was ready and calm seeing where he was going”.

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