JIM walked off the set….

JIM stands for Jihad, Islam & Muslims

Beslan school massacre 10 years on, and a nameless News Ltd person manages to publish a lengthy article, with video and a plethora of stylised images, and will not mention the I or M word once. Not a single scrap of information about the perpetrators.

For young people not knowing the true story and simply reading this Orwellian piece, these terrorists may have been radicalised Buddhists.

Will we still remember in ten years who is responsible for millions of deaths….. See More  (Q-Society)


SHE was only 13. It was an exciting, but normal, day — the start of a new school year. Then in just moments her life would change forever as would the lives of almost 1200 other students, teachers and parents in a remote Russian school.

September 1, 2004, was to become the date of one of modern history’s most savage terror attacks: the capture, torture, rape and killing of 186 Russian schoolchildren whose only crime was to attend class.

Ten years on, the tragedy of Beslan still shocks.

It wasn’t a “tragedy”, it was jihad terror, committed by devout Muslims…..

In other news:

Calais police stop 400 migrants Mohammedans over weekend as numbers trying to reach UK hit 3,000 per month

Migrants Mohammedans target vehicles of Britons returning home in Calais as French police say they can’t cope with rising numbers

migrants_3023388bAnother 4000 ‘undocumented’ workers Mohammedan invaders arrive in Italy

ITALY’S navy rescued 3866 undocumented migrants in boats between Sicily and the North African coast over the past weekend, authorities say.IN a statement, the navy said the illegal immigrants rescued between Friday and Sunday were aboard boats that had set off from North Africa.

Only ‘halal’ will do:

Muslim “Refugees” in Italy Reject Pasta, Demand Food from Own Countries

They aren’t immigrating. They’re colonizing.

2013-08-28T210649Z_1_CBRE97R1MNK00_RTROPTP_2_AUSTRALIA-POLITICS-ASYLUMAfrican migrants’headchoppers risky journey to Europe

Many migrants  invaders risk everything to travel to Italy, hoping they will move on to other nations for a better future.

Al Jizz  appeals to the bleeding hearts to look after their butchers….sympathise with them…..

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  1. If they want food from their own countries, go back there then. I’d have thought the solution would be rather obvious.

  2. I noticed that despicable article on news.com.au and that was the first thing I checked for. Nothing to do with JIM, just Chechen militants is about the closest they come to naming the perpetrators and references to an organisation with an Arabic name. The video clip did mention the M word at least once but that was about it. Whoever wrote that piece is total scum and the titleing the final artists impression ‘Remember …’ was a travesty.

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