The problem is not that this inbred headbanger is obsessed and deranged: the problem is that he is HERE!

Londonistan’s Muselmaniacs Fear “Backlash” Over Tomorrow’s Jihad Attacks

Welcome to David Cameron’s Britain. The U.K. government worked with Islamic head choppers in the false hope it would keep them safe. It won’t.

At some point, these savages aren’t going to travel to the Middle East to wage jihad, they’ll just go down the block.

The 11/26 Mumbai jihad attacks were unspeakably vicious, brutal and depraved. Just as in the Kenya mall massacre, Muslims were released. Non-Muslims were tortured, mutilated, sexually tortured and slaughtered. (Geller)

3 thoughts on “The problem is not that this inbred headbanger is obsessed and deranged: the problem is that he is HERE!”

  1. Vile Malevolent Muhammadan Zaky Mallah are you enjoying your Sterilisation! ….

    About islam and its Muhammadans(male/female/child/dhimmi) ….
    • “The more unbelievable something (islam) is, the more fanatical the followers (Muhammadans) will be.
    • (islam’s) Deception kills; only the truth saves.
    • [Middle of Page 79]

    & Zaky Mallah is a Muhammadan.

    Australian( & Western) Human Beings….
    Ensure the following steps are carried out ….
    1. Incarcerate all Australian( & Western) Politician and Political Criminals(Assistors/Enablers of islam and Traitors/Seditionists to Australia( & The West)).
    2. Stop ALL Muhammadan(male/female/child/dhimmi) immigration to Australia( & The West).
    3. Expel ALL Muhammadans(male/female/child/dhimmi) -(after Sterilisation)- from Australia( & The West).
    4. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go Muhammadans(male/female/child/dhimmi).
    5. Bulldoze ALL islam’s “Mostgrotesques”.
    6. Expel ALL -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis” from Australia( & The West).
    7. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis”.

    One Muhammadan(Zaky Mallah) is one to many Muhammadan(Zaky Mallah).
    One Muhammadan(male/female/child/dhimmi) is one to many Muhammadan(male/female/child/dhimmi).
    Stop the spread of islam – sterilise all Muhammadans.
    Here is video proof (Wild “victory” celebrations in Gaza continue:) that male Muhammadans are goat Fuckers – no kidding [sic] – yet another criminal act from Peaceful & Loving Muhammadans!

  2. Yes – IT Did !!!!!

    And Civilised Human Beings (non-Muhammadans) have The Right The Obligation and The Necessity to defend ourselves.

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