Joan Rivers, Obamsterism and getting rid of the despicable Klintoons….

RIP Joan Rivers:

No One Will Ever Call Michelle Obama a ‘Tranny’ Again (Breitbart)

Joan-RiversToday’s comedic class isn’t about pushing the boundaries of free speech towards sacred cows, they are Speech Enforcers using their talents and the power of ridicule to marginalize and silence those who do not conform to the left’s standards of accepted speech. That’s not comedy, that’s fascism.

And there’s this:


Obama: We Will Defeat ISIS Like We Did Al-Qaeda …(Al-Qaeda Just Opened Branch in India)

That dolt’ll say anything to those who are inclined to believe his BS….

Getting rid of the Klintoons is the most urgent challenge we face:

Hillary_Clinton_portrait32131Shrillary: Climate Change ‘Most Urgent, Consequential Challenge We Face’

Qatar: Islamic State’s Biggest Backer?

Its not a “migrant invasion”, its  Mohammedan warfare by migration:

‘Far right’ to protest in Calais against ‘migrant invasion’ (Blazing Cat Fur)

Migrant camps and the feeding station in Calais, France. Migrants from war-torn countries including Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Afghanistan sleep rough and try nightly to stow away in lorries and ferries. Picture: Geoff Pugh/The Telegraph

A far-right group in France has announced plans to demonstrate against the influx of migrants in Calais, sparking fears of clashes only days after scores of people tried to storm cross-Channel ferries to Britain.

Officials said they had taken a preliminary decision to authorise the protest planned in the town centre on Saturday by Sauvons Calais (Let’s Save Calais), which describes itself as a nationalist anti-immigration group.

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