London Muslims fear backlash over throat slashing, beheadings….

Remember: the real danger is Islamophobia!

NEW YORK: Since the beheadings of two American journalists by the Islamic State (IS), Muslims living in Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn have been threatened by extremist hate groups, New York’s media reported on Thursday.


Yet another sickening murder in London by a Muslim happened over the weekend when a disabled wheelchair bound man had his throat cut.

Daha Mohammed, 51, of Abbotts Close, Thamesmead, was charged with the murder of Mr Colin Greenaway and appeared at Bexley Magistrates’ Court today.

A WOMAN has reportedly been found beheaded in a back garden in north London, and detectives are investigating whether her murder was inspired by footage of IS beheadings in Syria, according to UK reports.


Locals last night claimed the arrested man had converted to Islam last year, The Telegraph UK reports.

Western politicians fool themselves and us when they say Islam is a religion of peace:

the region’s Arab states see these groups as blood enemies, they understand their appeal to their own populations. This curbs their enthusiasm for bold public action against the Islamic State. —When the Koran says “kill”, can Islam ever be safe?

The danger of doing nothing is greater: 

AUSTRALIA will be a key ­member of an expanded US-led coalition of countries to engage in air strikes and other possible military activity in Iraq against the “significant’’ threat of the Islamic State.

Doing nothing also has a price:

The ABC’s Waleed Aly, Australia’s most prominent apologist for Muslim radicals:

If we’re going to get involved once more in a military campaign in Iraq, there is a question we simply must answer: what exactly will success look like?

There is a question that is more pertinent than that:  what exactly will hands-off look like?

4 thoughts on “London Muslims fear backlash over throat slashing, beheadings….”

  1. WALLY ….
    What would success in Iraq look like?
    From who’s side are you asking WALLY?

    My version of success in Iraq would be when ALL Muhammadans(male/female/child/”dhimmi”) have permanently moved there!

    Now off you go WALLY – and your ilk!

  2. You’re still here WALLY?
    What exactly don’t you understand about the phrase

  3. The ABC’s Waleed Aly, Australia’s most prominent apologist for Muslim radicals:: what exactly will success look like?

    You will know when it happens.

    Rest assured that Western politicians know what Islam is. The reason they will not state the obvious is also obvious. In the meantime, get used to increasing turmoil that Western intervention will create in the next 50 years. That is what GWB stated around 13 years ago. That is what Cameron stated yet again, and confirmed what I have believed to be the case – that the West is creating a new Cold war with the Islamic world.

    With a Cold war + Hot war, will come increasing sanctions, interventions, total immigration block, and much else. It will be much worse the original Cold war.

  4. “Western politicians fool themselves and us when they say Islam is a religion of peace”

    Their lies don’t fool me, maybe someone else.

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