Muslim beheads co-worker; enemedia blames Pamela Geller

The incident appears to be workplace-related. (Tim Blair)

Muslim who BEHEADED female co-worker in Oklahoma and started to behead another had tried to convert co-workers to Islam.

Watch for the coming mainstream media reports about how the Vaughan Foods plant was rife with “Islamophobia.”“Man Beheads Woman At Food-Processing plant… (Jihad Watch)

Oklahoma Department of Corrections records show the suspect has multiple religious tattoos, including one in Arabic that means “peace be with you.”

What mosque did he attend in Oklahoma? …See More

I predict another  backlashphobia outbreak….

With a savage Muslim beheading having just taken place in Oklahoma, what better time for Pamela Geller’s counterjihad advertising campaign? (BNI)

Here’s Pamela:

New York Magazine’s Hateful @teamcaroline: Third-Rate Yellow Journalist

Don’t you love how vicious these journalists are when “reporting” on my work? They are so courageous smearing and attacking defenders of truth and freedom. But they cower and tremble in fear at the idea of reporting on the real enemy.

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These “journalists” never direct their barbs towards the jihadists, the beheaders, the honor killers, the ethnic cleansers, the Jew-haters, the slaughters. But they are so tough and brutal on the truth. They know Geller isn’t going to slam their head on a chopping block.

The MTA said they refused the Hamas ad because they were afraid it would incite Muslims to kill Jews. Isn’t that … “anti-Muslim”?


logoThis speaks volumes and is illustrative of the whole of the war. The reaction is never to look inward and reform the texts and teachings that spur millions of Muslims to wage jihad. No, the reaction – and it is always uniformly the same – is to attack the victim, to attack the defense, attack […]READ MORE

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