Obama throws hissy fit, lectures Pentagon staff on how “inappropriate” it was to “try and paint all of Islam with the same brush.”

In a fit of rage, Obama snaps at U.S. military brass: “Don’t you dare try and paint all of Islam with the same brush”


All Muslims, like all dogs, share similar characteristics. That’s what gives him away.

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Showing his Muslim stripes, Obama stomped out of a Pentagon meeting about the bombing campaign against ISIS over remarks allegedly tying the Islamic State (ISIS) to Islam.

obamaislammahdiUMB (h/t Free)  His tantrum reportedly took place in the afternoon of last week just prior to the president’s departure to Camp David.

Geert Wilders:

Stop Denying the Obvious: Islam is a Problem

To defeat IS we should do more than just bomb its strongholds in the Middle East; we should no longer turn a blind eye to the violent nature of Islam. We should demand that those who settle in our countries cast aside values incompatible with ours. There is a huge problem — also in our countries – cause by the violent exhortations of Islam. Only when we face this truth will we be able to win this war we are in.


Although the majority of Muslims are moderate, thousands of innocent civilians all over the West have fallen victim to terrorists inspired by Islam. IS has announced that every citizen of the West is a target.

70% of Dutch Muslims consider the religious rules of Islam more important than the secular laws of the country where they are living.  Survey, December 2013,  by Prof. Ruud Koopmans, Humbolt University, Berlin

A military alliance, led by the United States, is currently bombing the forces of the Islamic State [IS] in Iraq and Syria. Many European nations, such as the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and others, are participating in this offensive. IS, however, is not just a threat to the Middle East, but also to our own countries. The presence in IS’s ranks of hundreds of Muslims born in the West, carrying Western passports, is a huge domestic security risk. Whether we like it or not, war has also come to our streets.

And whether we like it or not, Islam has everything to do with it. “No religion condones the killing of innocents,” President Obama recently said. David Cameron added about the IS terrorists: “They claim to do this in the name of Islam, that is nonsense, Islam is a religion of peace. They are not Muslims, they are monsters.”–Continue Reading Article 

Heavily Infiltrated Switzerland: Banning the Islamic State: But How?
The presence of an undetermined number of its citizens and residents fighting in Syria is a relatively new phenomenon for Switzerland.—Bureaucratic Confusion in Switzerland

It was not a “hijab ban” — though that’s how it is being reported, as you can see, by the BBC — but a ban on women’s headgear, period.

The Qatari women of the team in question withdrew from the Asian Games. Would that this ban extended elsewhere, everywhere in the non-Muslim lands, so that the hijabbed might withdraw themselves. (Hugh Fitzgerald)

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  1. Western Nations.
    • Purge you Militaries of Muhammadans
    • Round up and incarcerate every “Dhimmi” Politician and Political.
    • Round up sterilise and expel or “expel” all Muhammadans residing in your Western Country.
    • Destroy every Mosque in Your Western country
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  2. In a quote from Obama’s book Audacity of Hope, he stated “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction,” The wind is now blowing in a different direction and Obama is showing his true colors.

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