Philippines: give them a state! Give them autonomy! Give them sharia!

But no matter what the infidel state gives, it will never be enough, not until all submit to the law of allah:

Philippines: Islamic jihad group Abu Sayyaf pledges allegiance to the Islamic State

Right after this:
All the rush by Western leaders to condemn the Islamic State and pronounce it un-Islamic overlooks the very real appeal that it has for many Muslims worldwide,… JIHAD WATCH

Everywhere Kerry goes, every time he opens his mouth, he sounds more stupid:

This will be interesting. The Islamic State preaches and practices the same Islam that the Saudis have…
“Backlash” Prevention & Taqiyya Gigolos  Invite Gullible Infidels to Hear the Da’awa

After years of failed propaganda about Islam as a religion of peace, why don’t Western leaders try the novel approach of truth telling? Why not just take jihadists at their word? …   More suggestions for the denialists at The American Spectator

Sydney church targeted by IS threats

A priest from the church told AAP the people in the car threatened to “kill the Christians” and slaughter their children. …”  —More threats from the followers of the evil god of islam and its false prophet at Yahoo! 7 News



Britain has had “four decades of state sponsored multiculturalism that has divided Britain with taxpayer money,” he says. To Farage, the U.K. has turned a blind eye to Sharia law, ignored polygamous marriage and genital mutilation. …

Thanks to Mullah, pbuh, JW and others….

2 thoughts on “Philippines: give them a state! Give them autonomy! Give them sharia!”

  1. Silly Silly Philippines ….
    Never give a Muhammadan ANYTHING a Muhammadan Demands.
    Unless the Muhammadans are demanding they be allowed to leave.
    Or the Muhammadans are demanding their own death.

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