Sulayman is not a 'teenager', he is a soldier of Allah…

…and as a soldier of Allah, he is a potential psycho-killer, a headchopper and a suicide bomber. In other words, he is a  very likely headline producer: 

article-2729517-2075921200000578-957_634x339Teenage Muslim extremist faces court on charges of intimidating and stalking a cleaner … just one month after he caused outrage after wearing the flag of Islamic State terror group on Australian television

  • Sulaymin Khalid was arrested on August 10 after allegedly threatening Bankstown cleaner Petrus Matlub with unlawful violence
  • His lawyer contested the facts of the charges and the court was adjourned until October 29
  • Khalid is only 19-years-old but had his passport revoked by ASIO in December
  • He appeared on SBS on August 12 in a show about fighting in Syria
  • He wore the Islamic State flag on his jacket and walked out half-way through filming
  • When asked why he wore the symbol on national television outside of court, Khalid said ‘want to race me?’ before running off down the street

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Here’s a kindred spirit, who follows the same ideology, sending greetings from Iraq:
Btw: my dear friend Bonnie from Barenaked has lots more gore if you have the stomach for it: