The Impotence of the Moonbat Messiah

Islamic State Execute Female Human Rights Lawyer

Who needs human rights when you got Islam already?

WATCH: Syrian Woman Reveals Life Under ISIS in Secret Film

….just like living in paradise!

Radicalised British Muslims More Likely to Be Rich, Depressed and Born in UK

Not “radicalised’- just more devout….

Obama Defends Islam, Smacks Israel at UN

119329_600Surprise! The “Khorasan Group” Is Really Core Al-Qaeda – But Obama Can’t Say That, Because He “Defeated” Al-Qaeda

This week US officials announced they had bombed ISIS and Khorasan targets in Syria.

khorasan group al qaedaKhorasan Group militants are believed to have embedded themselves within the al-Nusra Front (BBC)

Al-Qaeda was not on the path to defeat. In fact, several top Bin Laden lieutenants had relocated to the Middle East and Syria in the last few years.

As Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday about the Khorasan group.

Al-Qaeda hasn’t gone away, so the Regime has to give them a new name to make it look like it’s a new group after Obama wiped out Al-Qaeda. But it’s just Al-Qaeda.

So true.




Obama Praises Muslim Cleric Who Called for Slaughter of US Soldiers

Posted by Jim Hoft

BinBayyahDuring his speech at the UN General Assembly Barack Obama praised Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdallal Bin Bahhah who supported a fatwa on “killing US soldiers.”

Obama told the UN:

Look at the new Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies – Sheikh bin Bayyahdescribed its purpose: ‘We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.’

Islamic State jihadis advance in Syria despite US strikesIslamic State jihadis advance in Syria despite US strikes

The airstrikes are meant to save Obama’s poll ratings, and the Democrats’ prospects in November. They are not meant to do any serious damage to the Islamic State, and they are not doing any. “Islamist fighters advance in Syria despite U.S. strikes,” by Kinda Makieh and Jonny Hogg, Reuters, September 24, 2014: (Reuters) – U.S. [ / Comments] Continue Reading »

Moonbattery in Berkely

UC Berkeley Students Call for Murder of Jews: ‘We Support the Intifada’ (GWP)

The result of dumbing down….