The next time they will succeed

Andrew Bolt

Raid on arms storage foiled, say police

More than 20 Muslims Mohammedan headchoppers are believed to have returned from fighting for jihadists in Syria and Iraq. ASIO fears some will try “lone wolf” operations that are hard to pick up in advance.


Four men armed with machetes assaulted a security guard at the elite Scots College in Bellevue Hill in an attempt to reach weaponry stored on the school grounds, police say.

The men confronted the guard on the school perimeter about 1am on Friday but failed to gain access to any building. It is understood the men demanded entry to an area where guns were stored but were refused by the guard.

The men fled in a car that was possibly driven by a woman, police said. The guard was not injured…

The men armed with machetes were described to police as being of Middle Eastern appearance and wearing jumpers and pants. 

BBC News Australian fears over Islamic State fighters returning

BBC.World News thanks to Mullah, pbuh

2 thoughts on “The next time they will succeed”

  1. Tony Abbott: Australia to send military force to fight Isis ‘death cult’

    Tony ABBOTT – One of your un-official titles is “The Mad Monk” – perhaps uncalled for?
    But YOU really are earning the title “Dhimmi”.

    Australia would absolutely be far far ahead if you did NOT send the ADF to fight this ISIS ‘Death Cult’.

    Australia would benefit most if the ADF were retained in Australia and used to round up all Muhammadans male/female/child/”dhimi” -(Yes Tony – even yourself if you are guilty of Assisting/Enabling ISLAM and Treason/Sedition against Australia)- and expel or “expel” these criminals from Australia.
    Now that would really free Australia from the many INTERNAL future problems AND much of the future INTERNAL turmoil PROMISED by these “peaceful” meaning ‘death cult’ Muhammadans residing in Australia.

    Australia Politicians and Politicals have to be STOPPED from their Assisting/Enabling ISLAM and Treason/Sedition against Australia.

    Incarcerate Australia’s Politician and Political Criminals who are Assisting/Enabling ISLAM and commiting Treason/Sedition against Australia

  2. And also have the ADF pick up past PM Fraser as he originally imported this Criminal lot from Lebanon – against very good security advice and also pick up ‘Little Johnny’ who had a Muhammadan deciding which Muhammadans were allowed to immigrate to Australia.

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