The president intends to make good on his claim that America is a Muslim nation


Obama calls the US a large Muslim nation, Obama also said earlier that the US was not a Christian nation, though there is an 80% demographic that considers itself Christian. After bowing down to the Muslim kind of Saudi Arabia, Obama claims the US Muslim population is one of the largest in the world making it a Muslim nation.
Holder Issues Fatwa by Richard Butrick

The Grand Mufti of the Department of Social Justice (aka, DOJ) has issued a fatwa prohibiting states from using zoning laws to deny building permits for Islamic “culture centers” – Mosques with “youth centers.”

… as a grand jury investigates another Minneapolis mosque for radicalizing recruits for ISIL, the Justice Department is suing local officials for blocking a new extremist mosque in the area.

Attorney General Eric Holder sued St. Anthony, Minn., after the Minneapolis suburb rejected the Abu Huraira Islamic Center and its 15,000-square-foot mosque over zoning issues.

The mosque website openly endorses jihad. Its website says that Muslims are instructed to fight and take “captives” in “warfare” and says it will “condone violence.” Further, the mosque is to be modeled after the nearby Dar Al-Farooq mosque and its youth center which is being investigated for the radicalization and recruitment of as many as 40 Muslims who have left America to fight for the Islamic State.

Nonetheless, with the full endorsement and praise of CAIR (Council of American Islamic Resurgence), Holder is confidently moving ahead with investigations into 28 cases nationwide involving local denials of mosques, many of which have seated radical imams and officials tied to terrorist groups.


Evidently this is part of the Obama administration’s smart duplicity diplomacy. The president intends to make good on his claim that America is a Muslim nation. The idea is to distract public attention by combating bloody Islamist organizations abroad and smooth the path of stealth jihad on the home front.

In other news:

The Islamic State “is not ‘Islamic’”

“No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.”– Hussein Obama

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  1. I promise to do all I can with the help Of the Elohim of Israel to prevent this nation become death loving Muslim. It is a hate producing, lying group of people that hate the one true God of Heaven, and His ways of living. You nay lie twist words of people but ADONAI laughs at you because your day is coming and it will not be a day of celebration, but Judgement.
    You can kill our bodies but you have no control over our soul. So enjoy your way as long as you can, for it want be long till ADONAI takes care of you, and just because you don’t like or believe in Him does not matter, He Is , He was, And He will be for eternity. May you turn to Him before it is to late for you and your soul. In YESHUA’S name.

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