Gold Coast: a Foolish Australian Local Authority Gives Building Approval for Yet Another Mosque

by Christina McIntosh

I doubt that anyone on the Gold Coast City Council town planning committee has read ex-Muslim Sam Solomon’s little book on the nature and function of the mosque within Islam and the Islamic “community”, nor his more detailed book on “Al Hijra: the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration”. Nor the Quran nor the Sira of Ibn Ishaq.  If they had, they might not have been so eager – in the teeth of quite significant local non-Muslim opposition – to approve the building of yet another mosque on Australian soil, even as Australian Federal Police found themselves having to raid an Islamic bookshop in order to arrest persons engaged in funnelling funds and fighters to the murderously-orthodox Muslims of the Islamic State, and their ilk.

241580-31d970be-f9dc-11e3-8a79-1c86c176d4fcProtesting Aussies are smeared as ‘rednecks’ by a complicit journaillie….

Report from the ABC’s Charmaine Kane.

‘Currumbin Mosque Gains Tick of Approval From Gold Coast Council Planning Committee.

‘A controversial (because of the presence of persons on the Gold Coast who are better informed about Islam than, it seems, any person currently sitting on Council – CM) proposal to place a mosque in a Currumbin industrial estate has received the approval of Gold Coast City Council’s town planning committee.


‘The committee debated the proposal at a three-hour meeting this morning.

‘A majority of councillors voted in favour of approving the mosque, but recommended conditions be placed on that approval.

‘Protestors bearing placards against the proposal gathered outside the council chambers this morning, and others watched the debate from the public gallery.

Note that Ms Kane does not give an estimate of the number of protestors there present, nor does she tell us what was written on any of the placards.  – CM

‘A group known as Currumbin Residents and Light Industry Safety Committee has been a vocal opponent of the proposal.

Given the fact that explosions related to the incorrect storage and/or manufacture of ordnance have been known to happen inside mosques in other countries, I can see why they might be concerned for the safety of persons and premises next door. – CM

‘President Stuart Ramsay said they had gathered more than 9,000 objections to the plan as part of their submission to council on the matter.

‘He said the mosque would be less than 40 metres from a residential area (i.e. it must be located on the edge of the industrial estate – CM) and the plan allowed it to operate from 4 am to 10 pm seven days a week.

And how long will it be before they start blasting the azan through loudspeakers? – CM

‘Mr Ramsay said traffic and parking would become major issues.

“It’s just basically a big tin shed and the operation of this facility will generate a significant amount of noise, the proximity of the industrial businesses and also the residential area”, he said.

‘Deputy Mayor Donna Gates acknowledged the issue had been divisive.

“It’s the item that has generated more objections and submissions than any before in history I believe”, she said.

I find that heartening, personally.  It suggests that even if  Deputy Mayor Donna Gates doesn’t have a clue about Islam, the religion of blood and war, a significant percentage of ordinary Gold Coast citizens do have at least some idea, enough to galvanise them into putting up a fight against having yet another mohammedan mob forward operating base – a fort, safe house, font of anti-kuffar hate speech and recruitment agency for jihad – plopped down in their midst. – CM

‘The full council must now vote on whether to give final approval to the mosque development at its meeting next Tuesday.

‘Two mosques already operate in other Gold Coast suburbs.”

Two is more than enough to have to watch and worry about.  

In a follow up article, from Russell Varley and Leona Lake, we discover that two of the Islamophile councillors claiming that they have received death threats.  I would emphasise that no member of any reputable mainstream Australian citizen organisation engaged in resistance to Jihad and sharia creep would ever do such a thing.

“Currumbin Mosque: Death Threats Made to Councillors Over Planning Approval Investigated

‘Police are investigating death threats received by two councillors over their support for a proposed mosque on the Gold Coast.

‘Earlier this week the council’s planning committee voted in favour of the plan to build a mosque at an industrial estate in Currumbin.

‘Following the vote death threats were received by committee members Cameron Caldwell and William Owen-Jones.

‘A third committee member, Councillor Chris Robbins, told the ABC she voted against the proposal and had been abused on social media.

“No direct threats but a lot of really nasty stuff that people were hoping would happen to me”, Councillor Robbins said.

“Like I would get strung up in the middle of town, hung, my family affected, a whole range of really nasty things through Facebook.”

‘Councillor Robbins said the remarks followed an earlier protest meeting, and she had been forced to hire a lawyer to have them removed.

“Most of that material has been taken down, there’s still some nasty stuff gets posted from time to time, but the main stuff has gone”, she said.

Question: was this “nasty stuff” coming from persons who claimed to be opponents of the mosque and were blaming Clr Robbins for the council’s decision to approve it, or from persons who claimed to be in favour of the mosque and were attacking Clr Robbins because she personally votedagainst it??  I cannot determine which, from the wording of this report.  – CM

“People have to understand councillors are bound by the law, we have to take an oath to uphold the Local Government Act.

“We have a process we have to follow and whether people like it or not, that’s the process we have to go through”.

‘The full council will debate the development next week.”

One thought on “Gold Coast: a Foolish Australian Local Authority Gives Building Approval for Yet Another Mosque”

  1. We have a process we have to follow and whether people like it or not, that’s the process we have to go through”.

    Then how is the LOGICAL Vote Against ever to be reached when the Mosque Application conforms to the “Local Government Act” even when it is common knowledge that any Mosque in Australia (actually in The World) is a known Muhammadan “Fort for ISLAM”.
    Seeing how other Mosque applications in Australia have been approved (and built) despite Knowingly NOT being in the Best interest of Australians – this is very worrying.

    This Mosque Application Process should be removed from Local Authorities “Responsibilities” by the BANNING of any Mosque building from the Federal Level.
    – Oh! Mosque building is already banned in the Australian Constitution.

    Sharia law (islam) violates the following Australian laws/ conventions
    – the Crimes Act
    – the Australian Constitution
    – the Marriage Act
    – the Racial Discrimination Act
    – the Sexual Discrimination Act
    – various statutes in relation to child protection ( polygamy, mutilation of girls genitals, torture, honour killings, child marriage, pedofilia etc
    – various statutes in relation to animal cruelty – (halal slaughter)
    – the Tax Act
    – laws banning extortion ( the halal food extortion certification racket raising billions for islamic terrorism in Australia and overseas…TAX FREE!!!!)
    – the UN Declaration of Human Rights
    etc etc

    Any Mosque currently built or in the process of being built in Australia should by AUSTRALIAN LAW be destroyed.
    Any Muhammadan residing in Australia is to be Expelled or “Expelled” from Australia and The West for Treason/Sedition.

    Muhammadan (defined as) every male/female/child/”dhimmi” (either Sunni/Shiite) Submitter of/to ISLAM.

    NO Muhammadan has EVER been known to integrate!
    Muhammadans are only EVER known to subjugate!

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