“There is no support for terrorism in scriptural Islam" and more steaming piles of taqiyya from the department of Islamic Studies at the University of Western Sydney

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For those of us who still have their heads screwed on in spite of multiculti BS and PC indoctrination, this one is hard on the brain without screaming out in frustration. If you want to know about Islam, the last thing you wanna do is listen to Mohammedan da’awa gigolos or Mohammedan taqiyya dealers who somehow (how exactly?) managed to get jobs in western universities . Do yourself a favour: read Koran, sira and hadith, and study the life of Muhammad, uswa hasana, al insan al kamil, the perfect man for all time and any place, and how he behaved during his reign of terror in the 7th century. Don’t waste your time with interfaith rubbish, coexistence drivel and “peace studies”, these agenda driven indoctrination curses are exercises in futility.

Here is “Dr” Jan Ali, a professional Islamo-bullshit artist and a privileged agitprop  at the (extreme) left university of Western Sydney:


This BS doesn’t cut it:

IS and other terrorist groups draw recruits because of economic deprivation

WHAT makes a young person turn to terrorism? How does a suburban youth barely out of childhood become a jihadi?

The answer lies deeper than that person’s youthful foolishness or propensity to violence. According to Dr Jan Ali, Lecturer in Islam and Modernity in the department of Islamic Studies at the University of Western Sydney, it’s mostly about economics. Yes, boring old economics.

“There is no support for terrorism in scriptural Islam and a vast majority of Muslims are law abiding, decent citizens of their respective countries,” Dr Ali says.


“My basic thesis is that to understand this phenomenon of contemporary terrorism or what we might call contemporary Muslim terrorism, you have to understand a variety of problems facing Muslim youths in modern societies.

“These problems range from unemployment to disenfranchisement to discrimination to prejudice to poverty and a lack of opportunity, and these problems then create a vacuum in their lives. When there is a vacuum of this nature, it can be easily filled with any source, and terrorist organisations are one source among many.

“Terrorist organisations don’t offer young people employment or give them money necessarily, but they provide the opportunity to engage in something. They create a sense of opportunity whether that opportunity is good or bad.

“When you have a terrorist leader interpreting the Koran in certain ways, explaining to them the crisis of society in a particularly vested way, these people get sucked into that explanatory paradigm, and of course one thing leads to another and we have the potential for full blown terrorists.”

Abu Khaled, an Australian believed to be from Melbourne, sits alongside fellow AustralianAbu Khaled, an Australian believed to be from Melbourne, sits alongside fellow Australian Islamic State fighter Abu Nour al Iraq in a propaganda video released by the group in mid-2014. Supplied Source: News Corp Australia

All of this makes intuitive sense in a country like Iraq where unemployment is high, especially among the young, and where 50 per cent of the population is under 19 years. Iraq, as illustrated in this story two weeks ago, is also a haven of crony capitalism, where merit is not rewarded and where 95 per cent of bribery incidents go unrewarded.

But what about in the west? Why would any westerner, educated or uneducated, fly across the world to join a jihadist group like IS?

“The people who join terrorist organisations are not necessarily all uneducated or poverty-stricken,” Dr Ali says. “But like their unemployed brothers, they feel the sense of deprivation on their behalf. They feel a sense of guilt or empathy and want to do something for them on their behalf.

“In effect it’s a kind of ricochet, of expressing frustration and sharing that sense of loss or emptiness or helplessness. They want to help them out.”

Dr Ali is not overly optimistic about the tide changing anytime soon.

“I think the vast majority of Middle Eastern or Arab countries are economically underdeveloped or not as developed as their western counterparts,” he says. “The economic structure of these societies plays an important role in creating a basis or a situation in which many Muslim young people find themselves. It is a system which is unequal and unfair and unjust.

(Of course it is “unequal and unfair and unjust”, because of Islam. Nothing but Islam.)

“I don’t see any quick fix at all.”

Afghan-born Brisbane man, known as "Abu Yusseph" and believed to be Zia AbdulHaq, posted

Afghan-born Brisbane man, known as “Abu Yusseph” and believed to be Zia AbdulHaq, posted this image on Facebook and says he is fighting with the Islamic State in Aleppo, Syria. Source: News Corp Australia


One thing Dr Ali believes firmly is that military intervention is not the long term solution.

“I don’t think this crisis or this problem can be solved militarily. If the problem ought to be solved, the stakeholders and decision makers and leaders need to see the problem very seriously and consult experts and the people at coalface level to work out strategies.

“I think the focus needs to be on education and employment, on social engagement and relationship building.

“When young individuals have limited resources and limited opportunities to create relationships with each other, they suffer from an identity crisis. One way to solve that is to join a movement where there is a sense of brotherhood, a sense of identity, a sense of purpose.

“Jihadis have got a purpose of killing. It’s not a very good purpose but for them, it is a purpose and when the terrorist leaders say ‘this is a great purpose’, people get sucked into it.”

The University of Western Sydney Religion and Society Research Centre is holding a public workshop on September 17 entitled: “Sociology of Muslim Terrorism: Causes and Consequences” featuring Dr Ali. Contact the uni if you’d like to attend.

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  1. More shit form another worthless Muslim BS artist.

    You’d have to be brain dead not to see thru this crap.

    Another Muslim liar and oxygen theif.

  2. How to FIX The Muhammadan(male/female/child/”dhimmi”) “Problem” in Australia.
    A very Simple Process.

    Australians – Ensure the following steps are carried out ….
    1. Incarcerate all Australian Politician and Political Criminals(Assistors/Enablers and Traitors/Seditionists).
    2. Stop ALL Muhammadan(male/female/child/”dhimmi”) immigration to Australia.
    3. Expel ALL Muhammadans(male/female/child/”dhimmi”) -(after Sterilisation)- from Australia.
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    6. Expel ALL -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis” from Australia.
    7. “Expel” ALL unwilling to go -(survived their incarceration)- “Dhimmis”.

  3. Disinformation or taqiyya is part of jihad…it is part of Islam’s propaganda to keep gullible kafirs vulnerable and unprepared for the advance of misogyny and supremacism.
    Western lib-leftists fall right into the trap of taqiyya…rather the RUN into the trap and thank the Islamists for showing how WRONG it is for us to defend our free speech against SUPREMACISTS calling for censorship of any news or information about jihad.

    The lib-left depicts all Muslims as gentle lambs in spite of the surveys that show most Muslims support supremacism and misogyny.

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