"This flag does not represent me as a Muslim. My flag is the flag of Allah. That's my flag…"

No matter how many of us they bomb, maim and torture, no matter how many  Christian heads they chop off or how many infidel women they sell into sex slavery, the soldiers of Allah are always victims of … Islamophobia!


Australian National Imams Council:

Any resistance to the Islamic expansion project causes “radicalisation”:

“There is a clear link between foreign wars and radicalisation back home. The Australian government must reconsider its support for the military offensive in Iraq.”

More on the nothing to do with islam war and the followers of the false prophet at Sydney Moonbat Herald thanks to Mullah, pbuh

Mr Haddad closed his “controversial” bookshop

A controversial bookstore in Sydney’s west has closed its doors as its owner Wissam Haddad – a school friend of convicted Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf – claims 90 per cent of his clientele gets harassed by ASIO

Now how am I going to complete my hadith collection?

Owner complains 90 per cent of its customers receive an ASIO ‘visit’

article-2757165-2163CB4600000578-407_634x355 ‘I don’t see what the big concern is getting children to hold up severed heads,’ Mr Haddad told The Daily Telegraph. Just days later, Mr Haddad denounced the Australian flag and said he preferred the Shahada flag, which is same one used by Islamic State. …

‘I’m not comfortable personally holding the flag because this flag does not represent me as a Muslim. My flag is the flag of Allah. That’s my flag,’ Mr Haddad told The Daily Telegraph

Mr Haddad – who is a supporter of terrorist organisation Islamic State – said ASIO had quizzed his associates about how the Al Risalah Centre was funded, what was taught and if he was connected to anyone overseas.
5745470_5745538_16x9_700x394-1a1das8.jpg Most Australian followers of false prophet oppose military involvement in Iraq, false prophet ‘community leader’ says

# Nothing to do with islam, un-islamic state – but don’t fight it. 
Most Australian Muslims oppose military involvement in Iraq, Muslim community leader says
Sheikh Mohamadu said there were community fears Australia’s involvement could escalate the violence in Iraq.

“Our involvement in Iraq may cause more innocent deaths than the people who are fighting on the ground there,” he said. …… Australian involvement ‘may result in more conflict’

Sheikh Mohamadu said there was also a risk Australia’s involvement in the conflict could result in more young people joining the Islamic State to fight. ……

“That would upset some vulnerable individuals here and possibly encourage them to join the fight against our forces overseas, if our forces are to be deployed in Syria and Iraq.” …… Muslim community leader Dr Jamal Rifi said there had been a rise in Islamophobic attacks recently.

“We have seen a rise in mail sent to the Muslim community and it’s terrible mail,” he said. …More of the same at ABC News

Now this is funny:

Brother of Top ISIS Leader Converts to Christianity

Mohammed Bakr al-Baghdadi, the brother of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is the Caliph of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, has converted to christianity, reports Al-Jazeera this morning. The move has brought the man an unprecedented backlash from the Salafist Sunni community that has ordered a fatwa, or death-sentence, on the man as soon as the news was spread in media around the muslim world.


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  1. THE GREENS ….
    We Stand For The islamic Takeover of Australia, Rising Crime, White Guilt and Child Grooming From Muhammadan Gangs. We Are The Scum Of The Earth and Guess What? You Are Paying For All This Via Your Taxes.”

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    Eh??? – But you GET It !
    The “GREEN/MUHAMMADAN “PROBLEM” has to be addressed and FIXED !
    Absolutely FIXED!
    By ADF (purged of Muhammadans) Administration!

  2. Oh you poor sad leftard fool james_from_cambridge, we’ll see who’s laughing at who when you get your head hacked off…. Sick to death of you ignorant dhimmies…..

  3. I live in the U.S. not Iraq. The only people I fear will cut off my head are your fellow evangelical psychotics, who think gays should be imprisoned or killed. Who do you think you’re fooling? You guys have almost the exact same religious beliefs as the Muslim crazies…you’re just jealous of them because they’ve managed to take over country after country but you haven’t. Most people in your own country loathe and laugh at you, while ISIS is feared and respected in much of the Middle East. But you have the same beliefs as they do; which is why we now call it Christian Sharia. Muslims and Christians: flip side of the same crazy coin. We will NOT allow you to force religion down our throats like the crazies in the Middle East and Africa have done to their people!

  4. james, go and take your medication, Christians don’t go around lopping heads off like the muzloids.
    Most of us aren’t evangelical psychotics and most of us don’t have our heads in the sand, while a Christian will help you out of it a muzloid will only sink you deeper in it.

  5. james_from_cambridge, I am not religious in any way, shape or form, I have, however, studied a number of religions including christianity and islam. You, clearly, have not. Instead of pretending you know about these subjects, go and do some actual research so you stop looking so f*cking stupid….

    Oh and if you think living in the US will save your neck, you are dumber than I originally thought.

    Oh yeah, one other thing, totally crap blog you’ve got there…..

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