Useful Idiot Watch: Australians band together to show support for Muslim community

The Sydney Moonbat Herald,

Australians band together to show support for Muslim community

 Revolting. Leftist loons are insane. If they had any sense they would support their own communities against the Mohammedan scourge.

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Natalie O’Brien pulls every register of the usual grievance theatre:

“We don’t want something like the Cronulla riots to happen again.

“We just hope that it goes back to how it was before. We don’t want anything to implode, we love this country, we just want to live in this great country,” they said.

With us dead or converted. Or on our knees as dhimmies, slaves.  But try to explain that to a Moonbat.

Their comments come as Australians have banded together to demonstrate their support for the Muslim community by organising solidarity marches, setting up social media accounts and donning the hijab in public.

Read it and weep.

In other news:

“Our doors are open to everyone”

Musa-CerantinoRadical headbanger Robert “Musa” Cerantonio has been allowed to attend a major Islamic conference in Melbourne just days after the police shooting of a teenage terror suspect who has been linked to a centre associated with his radical teachings.

Humble, harmless savages:

Members of Street Dawah preaching group feature heavily in Sydney’s counter-terrorism raids

dudesrec-420x0The men are all of Afghan heritage and have further links through school and football teams, a source close to the group revealed. Many of them prayed at the Parramatta Mosque but mosque manager Neil El-Kadomi said they were mostly quiet, harmless boys.

“I was surprised when I saw them on TV,” he said. “In the mosque, they are quiet. They are humble kids, they are harmless. I don’t know how they got themselves into this.

Mohammedan scum giggles as Swiss church burns to the ground

This is only the beginning.

church-burningObama continues to throw temper tantrums that ISIS and other terrorist organizations are not Islamic. Going so far as to claim “Islam means peace,” he has proven his loyalty resides with Islamists, even if it means refusing to identify the enemy.

Dom the Conservative

But who are the so-called moderate Muslims that represent true Islam? Where are they when terrorist attacks and violent jihad break out?

A recent video shows an example of moderate Muslims witnessing firsthand the workings of those un-Islamic, extreme Muslims, although it’s difficult to tell the difference.

These Islamists of Switzerland may not have started the fire at a local Catholic Church in Lignon, but they were definitely there for the celebration.

As 52 firefighters raced to the scene, Muslims recording the incident can be heard laughing and cheering at the destruction.

According to Midnight Watcher, the spectators are applauding the burning of “Satan’s church.”

“Excellent,” says one. “This church of s**t, sons of bit***s!”

It’s often said that the extreme Muslims are those who behead, and the moderates are those who hold the victim’s feet.

This wasn’t recorded in some Arab nation where they reside under an Islamic State with Sharia law and apartheid. This is Switzerland. The video is very telling of the direction Europe is heading because of the flood of Muslim immigrants.

It’s uncertain if the two giggling Muslims were responsible or involved in the fire, but it’s clear that they support the work of their extremist counterparts.