Australia's Senator Cory Bernardi Reiterates Call for Burka Ban

by Christina McIntosh

All three, of course, are being excoriated by assorted Useful Idiots, but the very fact that there are now at least three people in the Federal Parliament of Australia who are unhappy about the Slave Rag, and are willing to state their opposition to the Sharia – even if MP Christensen and Senator Lambie, less well informed than Bernardi (who has met and conversed with Geert Wilders) cannot at present fully or clearly articulate the reasons for being thus opposed – is worthy of note.   This all took place in the past few weeks, immediately in the wake of the raids and arrests which seem to have disrupted an intended terror jihad plot against Australian civilians.

As reported by the ABC. First up, from a couple of weeks ago, a report by the ABC’s Simon Cullen, on Senator Bernardi’s renewed call for a burqa ban.   I encourage readers to click on the link, scroll down and read through the 33 Comments that rapidly attached themselves to the story, as they will give you an idea of the debate that is hotting up here in Australia, between dhimmi – or possibly, in some cases, undeclared but in fact Muslim –  Defenders of Islam, and those non-Muslim Aussies who have become informed and alarmed and are starting to express resistance to Islamisation.

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‘Cory Bernardi renews calls for Burka ban after Sydney, Brisbane Anti-Terror Raids”.




“Raids terrorise women and children”

‘Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has renewed his call for a ban on the Muslim burka, following this morning’s anti-terrorism raids  in Sydney and Brisbane.

‘He described the head covering as a “shroud of oppression” and a “flag of fundamentalism”, adding that they are “not right” in Australia.

Indeed they are not.  Incidentally, Bernardi’s description of the meaning of the slave rag echoes the words of dissident Iranian-French writer Chahdorrt Djavann, as summarised by N Maruani in a useful article that appeared five years ago in the Jerusalem Post, 7.8.2009, under the title “Outlaw the Hijab”.  I quote – “The veil, argues an Iranian-French writer, reflects a refusal to integrate…Djavann writes that the veil cannot be presented as a personal choice, disregarding centuries of Islamic history…Djavann explains further, “The veil has never been innocent or innocuous. It has always signified the submission of women to men, and the denial of legal rights to women in Islamic countries.“…Addressing the growing phenomenon of veiled women in Europe, Djavann points out its centrality to Islamist propaganda. “The political, ideological and psychological impact of the veil goes far beyond its appearance…If this weren’t the case, why would the Islamists make it their main focus?..It constitutes a constant call to order by Islamic law”. (That is: by the Sharia – CM). And –“the veil is the symbol, the flag and the keystone of the Islamic system.”  That is: of the Sharia – CM.

‘In a tweet sent this morning [18 September – CM] after 800 police officers mounted Australia’s largest anti-terrorist operation in raids on properties in Sydney and Brisbane, Senator Bernardi wrote, “Note burqa wearers in some of the houses raided this morning?”

Bernardi is not the first to remark upon this correlation between the prevalence of the Slave Rag and the aggressiveness of associated Muslim males.  Egyptian “moderate” Muslim Tawfiq Hamid makes a similar point in his book “Inside Jihad”.  In Raymond Ibrahim’s review of that book on March 27 2008, “Radical Thoughts: Dr Tawfik Hamid Reveals Life As An Islamicist”, we read - “Hamid also makes the intriguing observation that “the proliferation of the hijab is strongly correlated with increased terrorism…Terrorism became much more frequent in such societies as Indonesia, Egypt, Algeria and the UK, after the hijab became prevalent among Muslim women living in those communities“.  (It is unclear whether by ‘hijab’ Dr Hamid here means any form of recognisably Islamic female apparel, or just the heavier degrees of cover represented by chador, niqab, and finally burqa. – CM)

‘He later told ABC News that his comments are in line with his previous concerns about the burka, which he has described as “un-Australian” and “repressive”.

Which it is.  Dr Phyllis Chesler, Jewish feminist, who experienced the burka in Afghanistan, has argued, in an article published on her website in 2010, that “the face veil and the burqa…are sensory deprivation isolation chambers.” In a longer article in the Middle East Quarterly, Fall 2010, entitled “Ban the Burqa? The Arguments in Favor”, Dr Chesler points out that “in a burqa, the wearer has no peripheral and only limited forward vision; hearing and speech are muffled; facial expressions remain hidden; movement is severely constrained.”, and “a burqa wearer, who can be as young as ten years old, is being conditioned to endure isolation and sensory deprivation. Her five senses are blocked, muted…Lifetime burqa wearers may suffer eye damage, and may be prone to a host of diseases that are also related to vitamin D deficiency from sunlight deprivation..”.  And, echoing Chahdortt Djavann, she goes on to argue that “Covered women signify Islamist designs on state power and control of political, military, social, personal and family life.”   Now, back to Senator Bernardi, who is focusing on the very real security issues that are raised by the niqab and burqa. – CM

“I have repeatedly raised the security and identification issues associated with facial coverings”, he said.  “This has led to some changes in state laws in Australia”.

‘But Prime Minister Tony Abbott rejected the comments and argued that there was no need for people to “fret” about the Muslim head covering.

Would PM Abbott say airily that there was no need to “fret” if persons were parading about in KKK hoods and robes in Aboriginal communities, or if persons were wearing SS uniforms or Swastika armbands and marching down the streets in those suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne where our Jewish citizens mostly reside?  The thing he has yet to grasp is that the Muslim female slave rag is far closer to the Swastika armband, in its function and significance – being a badge of the wearer’s membership in and loyalty to an Organisation that has openly aggressive and hostile intentions toward all non-members – than it is to anything else. – CM

This is not about people’s religion, it’s not about what people wear”, he told reporters in the Northern Territory. “It’s about potential terror attacks here in Australia, and that’s what we’ve got to guard against.”

My dear PM, do you believe that those “terror attacks” you mention could come from just anyone, irrespective of the belief system held by the person?  Or, rather, is it not that, to be blunt, there is only one belief system, out of all those currently present in Australia, whose avowed and declared adherents are likely to engage in attempts to ritually murder Australlians whether singly or en masse? – CM

‘Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has described Senator Bernardi as a “rogue” and his comments as “stupid”.

I observe he does not address the Senator’s actual points re the oppressiveness of the garment and the security risks that it poses. – CM

“Why on earth is this out-of-touch, out-of-line senator on a rampage with his ignorant and stupid comments?” Mr Shorten said.

Cory Bernardi has travelled in Europe, including the Netherlands, where he met and conversed with the very well-informed Geert Wilders.  I have a suspicion that Cory Bernardi knows rather more about Islam than Mr Shorten does. – CM

“The senator’s comments should have no part to play in public life, fuelling fear and suspicion as opposed to tolerance and understanding”.

In the case of Islam understanding – produced by an examination of its core texts, its history, and the person of Mohammed – tends, among  Infidels, to increase, rather than reduce, intelligent alarm.  It appears that Mr Shorten also, like the PM, has not done his homework; or that he has heeded only the most rosily-coloured or carefully-edited-and-obfuscated representations of Islam.  – CM

The Government has been at pains to draw a clear distinction between the threat of terrorism and the Muslim community‘.

A distinction that, in fact, cannot be drawn.  Got Muslims? Got Jihad.  More Muslims = More Jihad. That is the lesson of history, such as one can discover from a reading of, for example, Andrew Bostom’s “Legacy of Jihad” or Serge Trifkovic’s “The Sword of the Prophet”.  The undeniable fact is that if there were no Muslims resident on Australian soil our domestic security headache – and associated expense – would be significantly less.  No sensible person supposes for a moment that churches, synagogues, Hindu temples or Buddhist shrines require quite the same degree of anxious AFP and ASIO scrutiny of their attendees, as do mosques. – CM

‘When Mr Abbott announced an increase in Australia’s terrorism alert level from medium to high last week, he rejected suggestions that the move was linked to any particular group.

So does that mean that ASIO will be surveilling churches, synagogues and Hindu and Buddhist shrines, along with the mosques and Islamic bookshops?? - CM

“I just want to completely dispel any idea that this is about religion. It’s not.” Mr Abbott told reporters…

And yet the Afghan Muslim who gave the order for Muslims in Australia to behead Australians – an order whose fulfilment, we hope, has been thwarted by all our recent police raids and arrests – became a red-hot jihadi only after rediscovering his Muslim beliefs, regularly visiting the mosque and growing his beard as is required of pious Muslim men.  And the jihadis, day in and day out, quote copiously from Islamic texts. – CM

‘Attorney-General George Brandis, who has been meeting with Muslim leaders (who will have been piling on the charm, the evasions, the veiled threats, and the outright nonsense and lies – CM) in recent months, backed the Prime Minister’s view.

“All of us as Australians are potentially victims of these wicked people, but the Muslim community in particular is exposed”, Senator Brandis said.

Shiites, maybe. Visibly identifiable fellow Sunni Muslims; no.  Has Senator Brandis forgotten what happened during the raid at Mumbai in November 2008, or during the attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi?  The attackers distinguished between Muslims and non-Muslims.  Avowed Muslims were released.  Captured non-Muslims, on being identified as such, were tormented and killed. Does Senator Brandis really believe that those who were plotting to behead Australian civilians in order to make publicity videos for Islamic State, would not distinguish between those visibly identifiable as Muslim and those who were not thus identifiable? – CM

“Therefore the steps that we are taking and the legislation that we are preparing in consultation with that community in particular, is designed to protect them, to protect them and their interests and their communities”.

Senator Brandis: are you telling me that the protection of Muslims is a higher priority for you than the protection of non-Muslim Australians from having their heads cut off by…Muslims?  – CM

‘The Government refuses to refer to the Islamic State terrorist group by its preferred name, saying it has nothing to do with Islam and is not a state.”

Well, it may not be a state..yet. But everything it has done so far is – observably – in perfect continuity with the instructions contained in the canonical Islamic texts, and with the sacralised example of the deeds and words of Mohammed the murderous warlord. To try to pretend that it has nothing to do with Islam is simply silly. 

And so to our second report, by the ABC’s political correspondent Greg Jennett, on new Senator (representing Tasmania) Jacqui Lambie and her – perfectly well-founded, though rather badly expressed – fears of the Global Jihad and of the imposition of the Sharia. It is a great pity that before speaking to the Press she seems not to have been able to obtain, and study, a background briefing from the likes of Rev Dr Mark Durie,  or else the useful booklet “What is Sharia”, by ex-Muslim Patrick Sookhdeo, that can be got from the Barnabas Fund. – CM

“Jacqui Lambie says sharia supporters are “maniacs” who will rape and murder “until every woman in Australia wears a burka”.

Anyone possessing basic commonsense who has paid attention to the pronouncements and conduct of the Taliban (from the 1990s onward), or of Boko Haram, or of Al Shabab, and now ISIL/ ISIS / Islamic State, is likely to reach similar conclusions.  And the more one looks into the matter, the more alarmed one becomes. –CM

‘Jacqui Lambie has redoubled her attack on supporters of Islamic sharia law, telling Parliament they are “maniacs and depraved humans” who will not stop committing “cold-blooded butchery and rapes until every woman in Australia wears a burka”.

It sounds over-the-top; but can anyone who has been watching events in Northern Nigeria and in Iraq, of late, or who knows what happened after that devout Shiite Muslim theologian and preacher Khomeini came to power in Iran, say that this is not a description of what happens when the sharia-pushers achieve power whether in a region or in a nation?   If one visits MEMRI, or if one reads investigator Aaron Klein’s accounts of the expressed views and intentions of the jihad gang bosses he interviewed, or Tawfiq Hamid’s account of the beliefs and goals of Ayman Zawahiri, one sees that this is exactly what many of the most devout and Quran-Sira-Hadith-observant Muslims have in mind for the whole wide world, Australia included. -  CM

‘The Palmer United Party senator has expressed strong views on the “evil” of sharia law, but on Sunday struggled to explain what it was during an interview on the ABC’s “Insiders” program.

‘In a lengthy speech in Parliament on Monday, Senator Lambie acknowledged her difficulties in articulating theology.

“It’s not going to come as a shock when I tell you that I am not an Islamic scholar”, she said, before blaming sharia law supporters for “every major terrorist attack on the Western world”.

Correct. Jihad in all its forms is intended to bring about Muslim rule, and to impose the sharia, the Total System that is Islam. – CM

“The 9/11s, the Bali bombings, Boston marathon bombings, recent beheadings and massacres, have all been carried out by supporters of sharia law”, she said.

Correct. – CM

‘Again demanding that sharia “supporters” leve the country, Senator Lambie advised “innocents” in the community to realize “these thugs and extremists will not stop their acts of terrorism and depravity, until their way of life, their culture and their law is imposed on Australia – indeed the whole world”.

True. She’s grasped the basics.  She may not have the detail, but she has the Big Picture.  She has recognised the Ummah, the de facto Empire of Islam, as her – and our – declared Enemy. – CM

“It’s about time we faced the fact that these maniacs and depraved humans wil not stop committing their cold-blooded butchery and rapes until every woman in Australia wears a burka and is subservient to men”, she said.

She could have expressed this better, but at bottom, she’s right.  Here’s an excerpt from a review of Jewish-American Aaron Klein’s book “Schmoozing with Terrorists”.  – “Once Islam dominates America, anyone living inside must abide by our rules. There is no choice.  You don’t like it?  Too bad. Go somewhere else and go to hell”.

More: “Gems such as this abound in American journalist Aaron Klein’s book, which details his many one -on-one interviews with wanted terrorists. They brag. They threaten.  They explain that their goal isn’t so much to kill Jews (though they aren’t shy about declaring that “the Jews are corrupting humanity on earth…they should be removed”) as it is to please Allah by sacrificing their lives to further the spread of Islam. And they do go on about what a world under Islam would be like. Britney Spears and Madonna? Beheaded.  Music? – Forbidden. Islamic dress? – Mandatory for everyone.” And again, in “One on One – Out of the Mouths of Bombers” –

‘Klein explains, “ thing that has really been driven home to me in all my talks with terrorists is that they are looking to serve Allah by spreading Islam around the world. That’s what makes them tick.”‘

Similarly, Tawfiq Hamid, describing Al Qaeda (and before that Jamaah Islamiya) preacher Ayman Al-Zawahiri, explains – “He advocated complete Islamic dominance, urging us to pursue jihad against non-Muslims and subdue them to Shari’a – the duty of every true Muslim…He particularly condemned the West for the freedom of its women. He hated the fact that Western women were permitted to wear what they pleased, to work and to have the same opportunities as men.  He dreamt of forcing the West to conform to a Taliban-style system, in which women were obliged to wear the Islamic hijab, were legally beaten by men to discipline them [as per Quran 4: 34 – CM] and were stoned to death for extramarital sex”. – “The Development of a Jihadist’s Mind”, Jerusalem Post,  17.1.2008.

And one might also reflect upon ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish’s account of sharia in her book “Cruel and Usual Punishment”, in which she states flatly that Islam is the sharia and sharia is Islam, and then proceeds to describe at some length the misogyny and violence of normative Islam, citing the texts which encode that misogyny and violence arise.  Now, back to the ABC.

‘Senator Lambie has faced widespread criticism for her hard-line anti-sharia statments, including from her own party leader Clive Palmer.  In a statement posted to Twitter earlier, Mr Palmer said Australians needed to remain united.

Yes, but what orthodox Muslims mean by unity is not what non-Muslims mean. – CM

“We are a rich and diverse nation who enjoy a special country”, he said…”We must think about who and what we are and where we want to go”.

Senator Lambie is thinking. She is thinking about a subject that all western politicians – indeed all non-Muslim people everywhere – need to think about, long and carefully.  – CM

“We have strong obligations towards each other. We have lots in common, we love our families, freedom and our efforts to help each other”.

Which shows that Mr Palmer knows nothing whatsoever about Islam, if his “we” is intended to mean “We – non-Muslims and Muslims..”. And as for “we love our families”, he needs to google “Phyllis Chesler” and “honour killings” and find out that something like 90 percent of ritualised murders – “honor” kllings – of women worldwide are carried out by…Muslims, and that these killings are quite distinctively different from the sorts of domestic violence we see in the western world.  Reading Rosemary Sookhdeo’s “Secrets Behind the Burka”, which is based on formal sociological research among Muslim women in the UK, would also show him that “love” does not figure much in traditional Muslim family life; honor and shame are much more central. 

And now, cue a Muslimah squawking, predictably, about “Islamophobia”. – CM

“Jamila Hussein, an Islamic law expert from Sydney’s University of Technology, said sharia was a “way of life for most Muslims” that dictated things like religious duties and ethical conduct.

Define those ‘religious duties’, please, Madam. And define exactly what you mean by ethical conduct. Would you like to explain to us, for example, whether bedding a nine-year-old girl is considered halal, or haram?  And a man beating his wife – is that halal, or haram? – CM

She said “Patriarchal customs which have oppressed women” were dictated by cultural practices, not Islam, and added that sharia should not be confused with the ideology of Islamic State extremists.

She’s lying.  All four schools of sharia prescribe, for example, that apostates shall be put to death, and prescribe death for blasphemers.  Pakistan’s sentencing of a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, to death, for alleged “blasphemy”, is fully in accord with the sunnah of Mohammed, and in accord with the classical sharia rules as to what should be done with those who criticise Islam; as was also the murder of Theo Van Gogh. Neither those who sentenced Asia Bibi to death, nor the man who murdered Theo Van Gogh, were signed-up members of “Islamic State”; but they were perfectly orthodox Muslims who took Islam fully to heart. –  CM

“The leaders in the Muslim community have been coming out and saying that, and it still doesn’t seem to be getting through to politicians”, she told ABC News Online.

Maybe some of our rank and file politicians – though not, it seems, the Prime Minister, nor the Leader of the Opposition, nor Mr Palmer – have got functioning BS detectors, and have sensed a certain note of insincerity in the smiling protestations of assorted Mohammedan “community leaders” and “spokespeople”?? – CM

‘And it’s women who become the victims of Islamophobia”.

Observe Ms Hussein’s reflexive attempt to reverse reality, to cast Muslim women as victims of brutal Infidels.  Senator Lambie spoke of rapes; and she probably had in mind the kidnap and rape of all those Nigerian schoolgirls, and the fairly-well-publicised kidnappings and rapes of Yazidi and Christian women in Iraq and Syria of late, though she could also have mentioned the rape and pimping of 1400 English schoolgirls by Muslim men in just one town in England, and the Muslim kidnappings and rapes of Coptic Christian women in Egypt and of Hindu and Christian women and girls – even of minor girls, very young ones – in Pakistan, none of which are condemned or punished by the Egyptian or Pakistani authorities.  And in Sydney itself there were multiple, brutal gang rapes of non-Muslim Australian girls, by groups of Muslim men, Lebanese and Pakistani; whereas the reverse has simply not occurred.  But Jamila, ignoring all this (though I am sure she knows all about it, very well indeed), focuses on alleged harassment – though not beating, or rape, or kidnapping – of Muslim women in Australia. – CM

“This kind of behaviour (Senator Lambie’s public critique of the goals of the sharia-pushers, the devout Muslims – CM) stirs up Islamophobia, and then we find that Muslim women are walking down the street, minding their own business, pushing their children down the street in a stroller or something, and they’re being attacked by racists and very bad members of the public.”

Attacked? In what way, precisely?  If any woman had in fact been beaten, or spat upon, or kidnapped, or raped, we would have heard about it neverendingly in the news, not to mention that we would have mad massive riots by the Muslims. Since nothing of the sort has occurred, one must assume that whatever is happening probably involves verbal challenge or snide remarks. – CM

“And it’s simply not fair”.

Cry me a river, Ms Hussein.  If someone looks funny at you, because you’re wearing your Sharia Badge, tough bikkies.  Nobody’s grabbing you, “disappearing” you, raping you and forcing you to renounce your beliefs, such as is happening constantly to women and even little girls, in Pakistan. – CM

‘In the Insiders interview on Sunday, Senator Lambie was unable to explain sharia law and said it involved terrorism.

Actually, she’s right.  Nonie Darwish in her book on sharia shows how the whole system is about fear. There are the sharia enforcers, allah’s assassns, and they see to it that everyone in the Ummah conforms, or else. – CM

“Well I think, when it comes to sharia law, to me…it obviously involves terrorism..involves a power that’s not a healthy power”, she said.

Again, inarticulate as she is, she is onto it. It is about fear. It is about dominance; to be blunt, bullying.  She just needs to read Darwish a few times over, and have a nice long chat with Mark Durie, and pop Sookhdeo’s “What is Sharia” in her handbag for easy reference, and she’ll be well on her way to doing a better job in the next interview, or the next. – CM

‘Some commentators described the interview as a “train wreck…

‘The interview came after Senator Lambie posted a photo to her Facebook page of an Afghan policewomen shooting a gun while wearing a burka, with a caption calling for the garment to be banned.

‘The policewoman, Malalai Kakar, was Afghanistan’s first female police officer, and was well known for her stance on women’s rights. She was gunned down in her car by the Taliban in 2008.

‘The post was widely criticised, including by the photographer who took the image in Afghanistan, Lana Slezic, who labelled it appalling and insulting.

The particular image was not, I think, the best choice. There are many entirely “generic” images of burqa-wearing women that would have made the point equally well. – CM

“Ms Hussain said it should not be for Senator Lambie to dictate what another woman could wear.

Ms Hussain, I’ll bet you know damn well that very few women – whether Muslim or non-Muslim – have any choice at all about what they wear in public in a Muslim country; and in the most sharia-compliant countries of all, it is the worst, they face beatings, arrest, prison, and even the prospect of a faceful of acid, or of being raped and/ or murdered by a Muslim man, if they are deemed not to be sufficiently covered up.  And it is not unknown for Muslim women even within the West to be coerced into wearing the hijab, and even to be killed if they refuse. -CM

“I think there are very few women who wear what you call a burka in Australia (yet; but it will come, it will come – CM), there are a few (I’ve seen them, even in a part of Australia where there are not that many Muslims, and if I’ve seen them here, then there must be not a few elsewhere, in more heavily Islamised areas – CM) who wear a face veil. In every case, it is their choice“, she said.

In every case? Really? How do you know?  What if it’s like the historic “choice” made by dhimmis,  to pay the jizya…because their only other option is getting killed? – CM

“I’ve never come across a situation where a woman was wearing a face veil because her husband or some other male relative forced her”.

Do I believe you, Ms Hussain? Not sure that I do. – CM

“it’s their choice.  They want to do it because they feel it makes them more pious, or because it is a symbol of idenitty or because it’s something that all the women in their family do.

Maybe.  Or are you, Ms Hussain, merely offering “reasons” that you think Western women will grasp, while knowing full well that that isn’t the whole picture?  Because there are far too many stories about forced veiling seeping out of the dar al Islam – where Muslims are at home, where Muslims dominate – for me to be able to believe you. – CM

“It ought to be a matter of a woman’s choice what she wears. Jacqui Lambie really needs to understand that”.

Jacqui Lambie, however, my dear Ms Hussain, seems to have a strong gut feeling – which is correct – that the very last thing Islam – “Submission” – is about, is freedom of choice.  Islam is about Dominance and Submission; Power; Total Control, a Total System.   She’s onto you, and if she goes away and does just a bit more homework, she’ll be able to see right through your attempts at damage control and spin. Me, when I hear your bland assertions about freedom of choice, I remember Aqsa Parvez, a Muslim girl in Canada whose father murdered her, and one of his “reasons'” was because she refused to wear the headscarf.

And so to our final politician, representing the regional rural seat of Dawson, one George Christensen, who has stepped up to support both Bernardi and Lambie.  ABC again, Emma Griffiths reporting.

“Liberal Backbencher George Christensen backs call to ban burka, echoing statements by Jacqui Lambie and Cory Bernardi”.

‘A Government backbencher has called for the burka to be banned in public, and has spoken out against sharia law.

‘The Federal MP for the Queensland seat of Dawson, George Christensen, echoed contentious statements by Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie.

“We shouldn’t tolerate sharia law in Australia, and the burqa/niqab shouldn’t be worn in public”, Mr Christensen posted on Twitter this afternoon.

‘In an interview with ABC Online, Mr Christensen said people had “a right to be safe”.

“People get worried when someone walks in and they can’t see exactly who it is”, he said.  “And just like you can’t wear a helmet into a bank or a post office and other public places, you shouldn’t be able to wear this thing that covers your face, under the guise that it’s some requirement of your religion.

‘Because quite clearly it’s not – there are many Muslim scholars and many Muslims in predominantly Muslim countries that do not wear this.”

Which is correct. The burqa and niqab are not worn by every woman in the dar al Islam. – CM

He said his concerns were shared “across the nation“.

Yes. – CM

“Many people hold this view, not just me, my constituents regularly raise this issue with me and it’s a legitimate concern”, he said.

Better and better.  I observe that the rumblings of discontent at ground level are beginning to be heard. – CM

“it’s not something that’s just to be sneered at as something that’s not politically correct and we shouldn’t be talking about it.

“The entire nation of France has a ban on the burka (though they have not been very thorough about enforcing it, alas – CM) – I mean, is the entire nation of France a nation of racists?”

‘His statement was dismissed by the Government front-bencher with responsibility for multicultural affairs, Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, who has been very active in the Government’s consultations with the Muslim community.

And who, it seems, does not possess a fully-functional BS detector. – CM

“Sharia law does not operate in Australia and it is not going to operate in Australia”, she told ABC News Online in a statement.

Hmmm. But we have forced/ child marriages aplenty, we have Islamic wife-beating, we have clandestine polygyny, we have clandestine FGM (and neither the child marriages, for the most part, nor the polygyny, nor the FGM, are being consistently challenged and punished, although they are in direct violation of our laws), and we have official recognition of sharia finance, we have halal slaughter officially permitted – and a lot of our meat is currently unlabelled halal meat, so much so that it is near to becoming the unlabelled norm – while many, many parts of the food industry have been conned into getting “halal certification”, for which they pay, at intervals, a pretty penny, which is a nice little earner for the Muslims who do the “certifying”.  There’s a whole chunk of sharia that has gotten itself established in Australia, and another whole chunk that – despite being in violation of our laws and customs – is being practised, defiantly, within the Muslim enclaves. – CM

“The law of this land is Australian law, and this will remain.”

“Mr Christensen is entitled to his view, but it’s not the view of the Government.”

Liberal MP Craig Laundy, whose western Sydney seat of Reid has the highest proportion of Muslim voters (behold the corrupting effect of the Muslim bloc vote - CM) has slapped down his colleague, accusing him of stoking fear in the community.

Silly me, and there I thought it was the recently-thwarted Muslim plot to behead random Australian infidels that was stoking fear. - CM

“This requires leaders to stand up, allay fears, bring the community together, and not dog whistle and drive the community apart”, he told ABC Online.

Apart? It already is apart.  Read Tim Blair’s recent article about the Islamoforming of Lakemba. – CM

‘Last week, as news broke of massive anti-terror raids in Sydney and Brisbane, Liberal senator Cory Bernardi also renewed his calls for the burka to be banned.

‘His comment was rejected by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who said there was no reason for people to “fret” about the head covering.

“But Mr Christensen said he disagreed with the Prime Minister.

Good on him for sticking to his principles. – CM

“That’s the Prime Minister’s view, that’s fine. I’ve got a different view to the Prime Minister on that issue”, he said.

And your view, Mr Christensen, is closer to reality. – CM

‘The Government has been at pains to draw a clear distinction between the threat of terrorism and the Muslim community.”

Unfortunately for the government, the reality is that the Muslim community, the Ummah, is the nurturing sea within which the jihadis swim and from which, ceaselessly, they emerge. – CM

3 thoughts on “Australia's Senator Cory Bernardi Reiterates Call for Burka Ban”

  1. Of course they would behead Tony Abbott if they were given a chance. He had dinner with the Muslim leaders the evening before the last election. They had no love for him. Does anyone remember the pictures from the Auburn Town Hall?

    This is why Tony Abbott lives in a Police Barracks, and now has ordered the top of range BMW security cars with bullet proof everything and costing the Aussie public half a million a piece. He should be scared just as we all are. But no safety for the average Australian. Ramping up the security threat, just like the fire warnings in summer, do not stop a bush fire,.

  2. ‘Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has described Senator Bernardi as a “rogue” and his comments as “stupid”.

    I observe he does not address the Senator’s actual points re the oppressiveness of the garment and the security risks that it poses. – CM

    Yes,it is always easier to attack the man rather than his idea.

    What a cop out by Bill Shorten

    Bill short of an argument in reply.

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