Wiesenthal Center calls for arrest of Denmark-based imam who called for killing of Jews

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This isn’t a free speech issue.  Incitement to genocide, to exterminate a people is a crime.

For Mohammedan headchoppers, this is standard fare. Their hate preachers spew this kind of vomit in any mosque from Baghdad to Kabul. But like pedophilia, honour killings, beheadings and the rape of infidel women, this is still incitement to murder and therefore a crime. Will he be prosecuted? I doubt it.

1080-1BERLIN – The Simon Wiesenthal Center on Tuesday called on German authorities to take concrete steps against what is seen as a growing anti-Semitic threat in the country.

In a joint Berlin press conference with the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin, the associate dean of the center, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, called on the German Justice Ministry to issue an arrest warrant for Sheikh Abu Bilal Ismail, a Danish imam who called for the extermination of the Jews at Berlin’s al-Nur mosque in July.

Ismail said it was necessary to “Destroy the Zionist Jews…” and to “Count them and kill them to the very last one. Don’t spare a single one of them… Make them suffer terribly.”

Cooper demanded faster action from the authorities, saying, “We were quite shocked that someone could come to your city, and to this country – which has the strongest anti-hate laws in the Europe – get up, preach on a Friday… [and] call for the annihilation of the Jews.”

“He [Ismail] made a genocidal statement in Berlin about Jews and went home. Nothing was done,” he added.

Following the incident, German authorities vowed to make anyone who spread such propaganda “bear the consequences of his abuse,” and that “the police will act against all anti-Semitic utterances.”

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4 thoughts on “Wiesenthal Center calls for arrest of Denmark-based imam who called for killing of Jews”

    1. After every terror attack comes the grievance theatre, then the da’awa. And then they gloat that they got away with it again…..

  1. Oh Dear!
    Gramfan a visit to the link you supplied

    And it needs more than Bibles!! to fix this “Muhammadan Problem” !

    Queensland’s Islamic community will announce
    an annual Queensland Mosque Day from 2015 to encourage people to learn about the Muslim faith, rather than seeing it through the biased eyes of terrorists.”
    • Does it really mean what it sounds like!

    Mosques in Logan and Holland Park will hold an open session on Friday between 3pm and 4pm, as Brisbane’s Islamic community works to quell fears about their religion in the wake of the terror allegations.” – and more open times next year!
    • Will this cause an increase of mysterious “missing” persons during these periods.

    There are now 37,000 Queenslanders following the Islamic faith, Mr Kadri said.
    • The invading Muhammadan army grow stronger – and Muhammadans are NOT Queenslanders.
    • When Muhammadans have military supremacy or the opportunity arises the Muhammadans attack with Rape Plunder Murder.

    Premier Campbell Newman said he would attempt to attend one of Friday’s open session if his schedule permitted and encouraged everyone who could attend to do so.”
    • And why wouldn’t Campbell Newman – one must appease ones master.

    Mr Kadri said ….
    Islam was a 1400-year-old religion, while modern terrorism was a recent phenomenon, magnified by world geo-politics.”
    …. so history lies Mr. Kadri …. and
    They should not link what is happening now to Islam itself,
    …. and pigs might fly and/or be Pink (well pigs can be pink)

    …. and the standard behaviour of Muhammadans continues throughout the article …..
    • Taqiyya. (deception of non-Muhammadans – by dissimulation about ones Muslim identity).
    • Tawriya (deception of non-Muhammadans – by concealing, and it could be called “creative lying”.).
    • kitman (deception of non-Muhammadans – by telling only part of the truth.).
    • Muruna (deception of non-Muhammadans – by using “flexibility” to blend in with the enemy or the surroundings.).

    All anyone has to know about ISLAM is written in their “putrid” book the Qur’an….
    Qur’an 9:29
    Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger, and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low.”

    Which outlines ‘The Central Message of islam !’ ….
    (Ensure non-Muhammadans Either)
    – “Submit to islam, or pay the jizya with willing submission else we (Muhammadans) will kill you.”

  2. Community understands Islam now really well.

    Speeding up now with what is happening and has happened in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

    People who understand Islam but do not want to say so are the politicians in the West.Its politics because of significant Muslim population,in Australia,UK, Europe,USA,Canada.

    and what I call the non Muslim religious apologists for Islam who act as if Muslims cannot defend Islam themselves and they have to do it.People like , Robert McManus, Roman Catholic Bishop of Worcester Massachusetts.

    It started from 9/11 and it is still going thanks to people like Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and of course Sheikyer mami.

    Education is the key.

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