Leftoids bitterly cling to Islam

Andrew Bolt

ABC asks: is all this terror talk just a political con?

“Deep Love”

Steven Sotloff, Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors with American-Israeli citizenship, held a “deep love for Islam”

Lotzia, now a Florida reporter, tweeted his horror after his friend’s execution: Sotloff was ‘no war junkie’. He was ‘committed to the Arab Spring and very respectful of Islamic culture’. (BNI)

sotloff-3-650x438Why go after Islamic charities that finance jihad when our own governments, and I mean all western governments, give billions to spread the Islamic poison in the world?

So does Australia. So does Europe. Collective insanity, otherwise known as jiziya.
Obama doesn’t think Nigeria has enough devout Muslims. How many Boko Harams does he want to create? “Obama sending aid to Islamic schools Studies identified as ‘recitation and memorization’ of Quran,” by Steve Peacock, WND, September 15, 2014 A portion of the $120 million the Obama administration is infusing into…Obama sending aid to devout Islamic schools (Pamela Geller)

Pollard should be released and this guy given a life sentence- but not in Obama’s upside down world.

WTF is “controversial” about planting a MuBro mole in the white house?
Elibiary let go after extremist rhetoric, claims he improperly used classified docs (Free Beacon) – A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) adviser long engulfed…

Once again, Wally can’t say “Muslim”

When asked on Channel 10 to discuss Boko Haram, the Nigerian Islamist group which slaughters Christians and enslaved nearly 300 schoolgirls, Aly did not once use the words “Muslim” or “Islam”:

They are a really, really hard group to define because they are so splintered and so diverse…

When interviewing Labor’s Tanya Plibersek this week about fighting the Islamic State jihadists, Aly did not once use the words “Muslim” or “Islam”

Austria: Imam accused of driving teen girls to jihad in Syria, says his words were taken out of contextAustria: Imam accused of driving teen girls to jihad in Syria, says his words were taken out of context

Of course his words were taken out of context. When has a non-Muslim opponent of jihad terror ever quoted an Islamic supremacist’s words in their proper context? Greasy Islamophobes seem to be physically incapable of quoting the Qur’an or the words of any jihadist imam in context. It takes a mind of particular refinement to [ / Comments]Continue Reading »

Horrible! What a corrupt swine:

Former Chief Israel-Palestine Negotiator Paid $15 Million by Qatar

Martin-IndykDisgraced former Israel-Palestine negotiator Martin Indyk, who served in his position just prior to the outbreak of a 50-day war between Israel and Hamas, reportedly has cashed a $14.8 million dollar check from the government of Qatar recently.

Qatar is known to be a fierce enemy of Israel and a staunch supporter of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Many in Israel and Egypt have called out Qatar for fanning theflames of war in the Middle East.

While serving as chief negotiator, Indyk was accused of deliberately planting anti-Israel stories in the press in an attempt to undermine Israel’s position in peace talks with the Palestinians. (Breitbart)